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Is Your Business Process Smart Enough?

Work efficiently with Smart Process Enterprise Apps

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Update Your Legal Business Process

Onit Legal Apps are tailored to make your legal life easier

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Supercharge Your Sales Process

Onit Sales Enablement Apps are here to help

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We Have Your Department Needs Covered

Onit Enterprise Apps are designed to help business and legal teams become more efficient at what they do so they can streamline operations, control costs, gain visibility into projects and reduce company risk.


Onit Channels Apps

  • Onit App Builder
  • SIP Registration
  • T-36
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Onit Compliance Apps

  • Ethics Violations
  • IP Infringement App
  • Legal Holds
  • Onit App Builder
  • Whistleblower
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Corp Secretary

Onit Corp Secretary Apps

  • Board Kit Distribution
  • Board Resolution Repository
  • Onit App Builder
  • Power of Attorney
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Onit HR Apps

  • Employee Administration
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Employee Termination
  • Onit App Builder
  • Project Management
  • Vacation Time-Off
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Onit IT Apps

  • Onit App Builder
  • Project Management
  • Services Project Management
  • SIP Registration
  • T-36
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Onit Procurement Apps

  • Contract Administration
  • Contract Review & Approval
  • NDA Request
  • Onit App Builder
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Real Estate

Onit Real Estate Apps

  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Onit App Builder
  • Project Management
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Onit Sales Apps

  • Account Management
  • Contract Review & Approval
  • Customer Development
  • NDA Request
  • Onit App Builder
  • Opportunity Management
  • Prospecting
  • Quote Approval
  • Trip Report
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Trusted Efficiency

Onit Enterprise Apps are used by major brands to "plug the holes" left by enterprise and Business Process Management (BPM) solutions.

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Harness Productivity

With Onit App Builder, it is easy to develop and deploy Apps that streamline business processes and solve real world problems which directly impact customer satisfaction, employee productivity and profitability.

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Short Development &
Deployment Time

Simple process pilots can be ready for implementation in hours and in production within days.

Adaptable &

Route, comment, revise and track progress of the project to accommodate the unpredictability in knowledge work.

Standard Intuitive

Simple intuitive interfaces with standard features allowing the user to focus on the process instead of the application.

A "Learn By Doing"

Optimization from rapid deployment rather than customized and expensive development of process maps and workflow design.