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Smart Process Apps

The Next Frontier for Business Software

Data Collection

Capture data at the source
with powerful forms, questions
and checklists.

Flexible Workflow

Workflows are designed
to match your unique
business processes.

Process Management

Optimize your business processes
by analyzing process
efficiency metrics.

Team Collaboration

An iterative review process
lets team members collaborate
in a shared workspace.

Enhanced Visibility

Gain real-time visibility
to all your tasks, projects
and matters.

Zero IT Costs

Our Apps run in the “cloud”
so you don’t have to buy or
maintain hardware or software.


Forrester says:

“The emergence of smart process apps makes collaborative processes
the next frontier for software ... [they are] created for people and built for change.”

What Are Smart Process Apps?

Systems that are focused on facilitating human interaction rather than simply recording activity

Tools that are cloud-based and empower employee collaboration and workflow

Apps that automate activities that are currently people‑intensive – even when highly variable and subject to frequent change

Source: Forrester Research, “Smart Process Applications Fill A Big Business Gap,” August 8, 2012


Build Your Own Apps

With a Smart Process App Builder

Companies and resellers that want to optimize multiple processes can take advantage of our Smart Process App Builder platform license. Apps developed on the Smart Process App Builder:
  • Are a fraction of the cost of BPM and traditional enterprise systems
  • Can be configured in less than 30 minutes
  • Reduce cycle times and pay for themselves in months
  • Requires no coding


Onit Is Trusted By


Apps to Rule Your Process

Smart Process Apps Evolve from Business Process Management Tools

For decades, businesses have relied on enterprise software to solve process inefficiencies. However, this level of software comes with expensive price tags, long implementation periods and user adoption resistance. The time is ripe for quickly deployed, user-friendly applications that can easily “plug the holes” left by enterprise and Business Process Management (BPM) solutions.

Smart Process Apps quickly conform to ever-changing and ever-evolving processes with dexterity.
Smart Process Apps are NOT just re-branded BPM. They differ so fundamentally from traditional
BPM that existing BPM vendors can’t support them.


Case Study

Strategic Process Innovation

Companies must look for ways to become more efficient and responsive to both their internal and external clients.
As a result, innovative companies are turning to Smart Process Apps to manage risk, improve responsiveness to their
business clients, and achieve greater transparency and insight around their portfolio of work.

Learn how one Fortune 500 company used Smart Process Apps to get started.