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Apps that "Work" the Way People Want to Work

I love Onit Apps! I seem to find most of my problems can be solved with an Onit App. They are very easy to get set up and the customer support team is great at responding quickly and making updates as we identify changes we need. [The App] has improved our intake process ... We have recently found that other departments are now asking us for access to the information we have in there because it is so valuable!

Kirsten Taitelbaum

Director of Legal Finance and Operations,
DaVita Healthcare Partners, Inc.

This has been an exceptional process improvement for our client communications, reporting metrics and speed in which we can turn around contracts. Our clients have embraced this new process and use it daily.

Libby Troughton

Senior Manager, Legal Business Operations,
The Home Depot

In the first month of using an Onit NDA App, more than 1,000 NDAs were processed; cycle time went down from 16 days to less than 24 hours for 90% of NDAs with virtually “no” lawyer involvement.

Fortune 100 Technology Company

One way to look at these is as alternatives to more complex enterprise systems. The truth of the matter, however, is that many organizations are probably managing these processes not through sophisticated systems, but through email. Email is not an effective process-or project-management tool …These apps are easy ways for companies and law firms to bring order to processes that may currently be closer to chaos.

Bob Ambrogi


The App really works – our “COCP Against” [Change of Channel Partner] rate has been next to nothing since we started using Onit, and we used to lose 10–15 customers to COCP a MONTH. Now we don’t even see 15 losses in an entire year. I cannot stress enough how important that was to us.

Fortune 1000 IT Solutions Provider

Customer Stories

The Onit App Advantage

Easy To Develop & Deploy

Onit Apps are easy to develop and deploy – it's that simple. Whether you are looking to automate one process or 15 processes, users can get up and running quickly with little to no training.

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Powerful Collaboration

Collaboration is vital for managing processes in any department. Onit Apps give team members an easy way to communicate in a shared workspace. All team members know exactly what is going on without having to search for status updates.

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Unparalleled Time to Value

Most process management initiatives take between nine to 12 months for scoping, implementation and final execution. ROI is typically not measured for months after completion. Onit Apps are configured and implemented in weeks – not months.

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LegalTech® New York 2015

Q&A with
Eric M. Elfman, Onit
Libby Troughton, The Home Depot
David Cambria, ADM

An App Approach to Enterprise Legal Management (ELM)

The New Technology Curve

Onit is the “platform” your legal department needs to achieve its business goals. Gartner states that legal departments increasingly need to augment their Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) systems to accommodate business process, workflow, and collaboration capabilities. Existing ELM vendors primarily focus on solving problems internal to the legal department such as e-billing or matter management.

Gartner concludes that legal departments must take the next step and truly collaborate with the business people they support through platforms that support the collaborative work they do. Onit App Builder is the only platform that can grow beyond your legal department and automate all of your enterprise process needs.

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Onit App Builder is the only platform that can grow beyond your legal department and automate all of your enterprise process needs.

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