One platform for all of your legal operations needs

Powered by a common low-code legal workflow automation software engine and Catalyst AI, OnitX delivers solutions that automate and facilitate collaboration across legal-related business processes. It provides robust flexibility, easy adaptability, and generative AI capabilities, allowing your organization to scale legal workflow management as its needs evolve.

Powerful Scalability

Supercharge legal document automation. As your company grows, the OnitX legal workflow automation engine scales to support thousands of processes and millions of documents.

Unlimited Users

Allows an unlimited number of users across numerous departments and verticals to access and collaborate within OnitX legal workflow automation software.

Return on Investment

OnitX legal workflow management solutions are a fraction of the cost of standard business process legal workflow automation software and enterprise systems.

The team has automated workflows and reporting supported by Onit's business process management platform and uses DocuSign to support its contracting needs with law firm panel members. By employing competitive, market-driven tools, the LOC was able to realize reductions in hourly panel rates ranging from 2 to 32 percent. In all, the creation of the LOC and its innovative work has saved AIG more than $200 million in legal costs.
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Integrated, AI-Enabled Architecture

Powered by Catalyst AI

The Layers of the OnitX Platform

The Service Layer

The service layer serves as a digital front door for legal workflow management that provides standardized ways to submit legal service requests. It supports both the legal team and other business departments. Customized apps can also be deployed to address specific legal-related requests.

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The Technology Layer

The technology layer houses standard OnitX apps for spend management, matter management, legal holds, and contract lifecycle management. Custom apps can also be built using the OnitX App Builder. All apps share a common legal workflow automation engine.

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The Data Layer

Beyond the technology layer is a secure data layer that allows the sharing of data amongst the technology layer components. Users avoid double entry of data, are assured of consistency across datasets and a single source of truth in legal workflow management, and can easily generate consolidated reports and analyze data in a more holistic manner.

The Integration Layer

The integration layer connects OnitX with core business apps (like Office 365, SalesForce, and SAP) so users can work with the tools that they use daily. A Data-as-a-Service API is also available so OnitX legal automation data can be easily integrated into corporate reporting systems and data lakes, enabling holistic enterprise-wide reporting and analytics.

Onit Catalyst AI

Onit’s unique artificial intelligence technology leverages the tens of billions of dollars of legal work, millions of contracts, and thousands of interconnected workflows that we help manage.

Integrated with OnitX

AI embedded within your workflows and everyday tools like Outlook and Word.

AI Center of Excellence

An award-winning team of legal engineers and AI experts with 100+ years of AI experience.

Best in Class AI Tech

A range of AI technology — including generative AI — validated for legal use cases.

Our Security

Our data is secured using bank-grade 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption and is stored in an enterprise-class secured hosting environment backed up daily. All data within Onit remains the property of the project owner and cannot be accessed by any other user.

Physical Security

Application Security

System Security

Operational Security

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Explore Other Workflows

Our customers have used OnitX to create powerful business-critical workflows and apps across their entire enterprise.

Employee Incident

Provides a secure intake mechanism allowing employees to report incidents. Both named and anonymous reporting are fully supported.

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Gift & Business Entertainment

Provides robust workflows and automation on all gift and business entertainment requests company-wide to improve compliance with relevant policies.

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Incident & Investigations

Provides a robust workflow to request, manage and track incidents and investigations end to end.

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Invention Disclosure

Captures inventions created within your organization that may create intellectual property rights.

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Mentorship & Career Development

Creates a more formal method of linking mentors to mentees and tracks opportunities for career development, both inside and outside of an employee’s current role within an organization.

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Vendor & Law Firm Diversity Tracking

Helps internal teams gather diversity stats from law firms and vendors to track and manage compliance with corporate policies and/or diversity goals.

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Trademark / Logo Use Requests

An anonymous intake of any alleged activities brought to you by employees. Organize, assess and manage whistleblower allegations in a secure, centralized, workflow-driven solution.

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Allows the request, review, and approval of trademark and logo usage.

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