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GC & Compliance Strategy Forum

May 4, 2021 | Virtual

In this virtual preview of the in-person Strategy Forum, you can see case studies from in-house legal departments. Onit will be presenting a case study and will be on hand to answer questions and setup demos upon request.

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Managing Compliance Investigations with Workflow Platform Technology

May 5, 2021 | Webinar

In this webinar, Roche will share its experience with workflow automation to streamline and gain visibility into global team compliance with internal and regulatory policies. With its technology partner, Onit, and consulting partner, Duff & Phelps, Roche has built a front-to-back solution to manage the full lifecycle of investigations. Join us to hear how quickly the solution was implemented and how the technology has bridged gaps between legal, compliance and other departments to reduce risk to the company.


  • Sébastien Bergier, Director Internal Investigations, Roche
  • Imran Khan, Computer Forensics Manager, Roche
  • Matt DenOuden, SVP-Global Sales, Onit
  • Christoph Kueng, President, Swiss LegalTech Association
  • Nicolas Torrent, Vice-President | Co-head Geneva Chapter, Swiss LegalTech Association
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Corporate Counsel and Compliance Exchange Virtual Event

May 5–6, 2021 | Virtual

The Corporate Counsel and Compliance Exchange will bring together 80 of the leading General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officers to discover new ideas and make new connections across a productive two day event. Immerse yourself in interactive group discussions, lively panel debates and one-to-one meetings focused on finding solutions and strategies to your priority challenges.

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Legalweek (year)

May 11, 2021 | Virtual

At the May presentation of Legalweek(year), Onit will be available in our sponsor channel to answer questions and arrange demos of our products. We will be discussing the launch of our InvoiceAI product during the Networking & Facilitated Discussions time.

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World Commerce & Contracting Vibe Summit

June 7–10, 2021 | Virtual

The Vibe Summit brings together the people and companies redefining the field of contract and commercial management. Onit will be presenting a customer case study with Cargill on June 8th and will have a virtual exhibit with demos available throughout the event.

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To AI or not to AI? The Big Debate Part II with Consilio and Buying Legal Council

June 9, 2021 | Webinar

Whether it’s reviewing invoices or repapering contracts, there are many tasks that are dreaded but must be done. So, do you bring in AI to relieve some of that burden? Or is the risk of inaccuracies or strain of implementation too great? Join us for another Big Debate to examine both sides of that question.

The challenge: There is no budget for additional headcount this year despite the fact that your legal department is faced with the daunting task of repapering a massive number of contracts due to LIBOR, data privacy and other regulatory changes. Not to mention, you still have mounds of legal invoices to review. At the same time, strategic and risk management demands are higher than ever. The GC has asked you to present a solution. Two teams will make their case for different ways forward.

  • Team 1 (led by Onit) – Let’s “Hire” AI to perform some of the routine work before it ever even gets to a human
  • Team 2 (led by Consilio) – Let’s outsource the routine work to an ALSP and let them worry about the technology
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General Counsel & Compliance Strategy Forum

June 29–30, 2021 | Oxfordshire, UK

The General Counsel & Compliance Strategy Forum brings together the finest thought leaders and solution providers in a two-day compliance and counsel networking event which promises to inspire debate through our world-class engagement platforms and ultimately broaden your expertise to add real value and insight back into the organisation you represent. Onit is a Silver Sponsor at this year’s forum where our customer Emmanuel Eyuk from Archer Daniels Midland is speaking on Workflow Automation.

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Future Lawyer Week UK

July 12–15, 2021 | London

Future Lawyer Week (FLW) is a 4-day interactive legal innovation event filled with a series of social activities and 3-full day conferences with thought provoking discussions specifically designed for in-house legal counsels and private practice law firms. Onit will be speaking and exhibiting at Future Lawyer Week UK. We are excited to get back to seeing customers and friends in person!

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The Alternative In-House Technology Summit

October 4–5, 2021 | London

This in-house legal event is specifically for technology leaders in corporate legal, with your resources and constraints in mind. The event is designed to ensure maximum interaction and networking time with other in-house counsel from innovative legal teams. Onit will be exhibiting.

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Legal Innovators UK 2.0

October 21–22, 2021 | London

This event is produced in partnership with Artificial Lawyer and takes place over 2 days – In-House Day and Private Practice Day. Onit will be exhibiting.

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Future Lawyer Week USA

November 17–18, 2021 | New York City

Following a successful launch in 2019, Future Lawyer Week USA is back. Future Lawyer Week USA 2.0 is a 2-day interactive legal innovation event, filled with networking opportunities and a full day conference with thought-provoking discussions with industry leaders. Onit’s 2nd annual Hack the House Hackathon will take place at this event!

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Past Events

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At the April presentation of Legalweek(year), Onit will be available in our sponsor channel to answer questions and arrange demos of our products. We will be showing our CLM + AI demo during the Networking & Facilitated Discussions time.

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The Lawyer’s Smarter Working Week is a new series of online content that actively considers the disparate nature of in-house teams and their varying needs. It will bring together in-house visionaries interested in improving the efficiency of their in-house teams by working smarter and finding the right combination of people, processes and technology. Onit is sponsoring and will moderate a panel at the event.

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Every company needs a faster and more efficient contracting process that enhances risk and spend management, improves revenue and profit margins and increases visibility into counterparty relationships. The Lenovo Legal Department’s transformation journey is delivering value to the business by centralizing the global legal transactional support resources, standardizing the contract process across the company and optimizing the process with technology.

In this webinar, Lenovo will outline their strategy for a global rollout of contract lifecycle management technology and why artificial intelligence is considered a key part of the services delivery model of the future. Some of the key themes that will be highlighted include:

  • Lenovo’s CLM evolution and transformation roadmap
  • Multi-year goals related to their contract management technology
  • Why the culture must eat change management for breakfast
  • The benefits and ROI of a single CLM platform
  • How AI is driving the future for its enhanced vision
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Onit is proud to support the WIPL series of conferences, encouraging women in law to connect and learn from each other. We will be moderating a session and will be available for virtual meetings and product demos.

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