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Lean Into LegalOps Webinar: Legal Operations Reporting Done Right

October 22, 2020 | Webinar

In this case study by Mylan you will hear from a leading global legal operations voice and her team about their approach to identifying and collecting the right data and creating reports that are meaningful to different audiences across the organization.


  • Kristi Anne Gedid, Sr. Director Global Legal Operations, Mylan
  • Eric Wallas, Legal Finance Manager, Mylan
  • Brandt Gray, Sr. Manager Business Analysis, Mylan
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Women, Influence & Power in Law

October 26–30, 2020 | Virtual

Onit will be showcasing our products and hosting a roundtable discussion and more at this important virtual conference celebrating women leaders in law.

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CLOC Global Institute

November 10, 2020 | Virtual

Onit will be a gold sponsor at this year’s Virtual CLOC Global Institute. Join us there for a full day of educational content and visit our virtual booth to learn more about Onit products and our latest news.

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SVAGC All-Hands Meeting

November 17, 2020 | Santa Clara, CA

The All Hands Meeting is a unique, multifaceted and affordable annual event tailored to the special needs of in-house professionals whose companies rely upon intellectual property. Scores of cutting-edge CLE presentations address the spectrum of legal, regulatory and ethical issues this community faces on a daily basis. Attendees can also browse exhibits about the latest products and services to increase their productivity and effectiveness. And, as part of the largest gathering of its kind, attendees have abundant opportunities to meet and connect with similar professionals in a comfortable, enjoyable setting.

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Virtual Legal Resourcing Debate with Buying Legal Council

November 18, 2020 | Virtual

The Challenge: Three “debate teams” present scenarios to their hypothetical General Counsel, who has asked for options to reduce expenses related to outside counsel. Cost-savings options are due to the GC and there are differing opinions about the best way forward. Each team, captained by experts from Consilio and Buying Legal Council, will present a business case for one of these scenarios:

  • Team 1: Bring more work in-house
  • Team 2: Leverage Alternative Legal Service Providers more
  • Team 3: Renegotiate terms with existing outside counsel
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Alternative In-House Legal Hangout

November 26, 2020 | Virtual

Onit is sponsoring a series of virtual discussions for General Counsel and Legal Operations professionals in Europe. Onit customer, BT, will be the headline speaker for this event.

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Lean Into LegalOps Webinar: The GC’s Guide to Contracts and a Single Point of Truth

December 10, 2020 | Webinar

Legal departments undertaking a digitalisation initiative should work to avoid the risk of creating data silos in order to ensure the highest level of success. Following a platform technology strategy helps lead to optimal project outcomes. Join this virtual discussion with Onit and Cognia to hear how Prosus is taking this approach and how implementing contract lifecycle management technology as part of this platform strategy is expected to improve legal operations.


  • Steven Van Oss, Group Sr. Legal Council, Prosus
  • Tyson Ballard, Head of Legal Consulting, Cognia
  • Robert Johnson, MD Europe, Onit
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General Counsel & Compliance Strategy Forum

March 16–17, 2021 | Oxfordshire, UK

The General Counsel & Compliance Strategy Forum brings together the finest thought leaders and solution providers in a two-day compliance and counsel networking event which promises to inspire debate through our world-class engagement platforms and ultimately broaden your expertise to add real value and insight back into the organisation you represent. Onit is a Silver Sponsor at this year’s forum where our customer Emmanuel Eyuk from Archer Daniels Midland is speaking on Workflow Automation.

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Past Events

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Operating efficiently and reducing spending are a top priority for legal teams at the moment. This discussion will focus on approaches legal departments should take to leverage technology in order to drive savings apart from just reducing outside counsel spend. The speaker panel will specifically address how to put automation in place to empower your legal team to better serve and collaborate with the business.


  • Kate Danson, General Counsel, Johnson Matthey
  • Kevin van Tonder, Legal Operations Consultant and former General Counsel, Legal Shared Services at Schlumberger
  • Nadine Stuttle, Managing Director, Duff & Phelps
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Join this virtual discussion, moderated by Kevin Clem from HBR, featuring Onit customers from one of the industries hardest hit by societal changes driven by COVID-19. Hear how their legal departments have been impacted, what changes they are planning for the short- and long-term and how lessons from this crisis will inform their approach to legal issues such as contracts in the future.

Even if your company or industry has not been as severely impacted in 2020, you can benefit from the lessons learned by the travel industry. If this year has taught us anything, it is that we don’t always know what challenges will come our way!

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No two legal departments have the exact same needs, and regulatory and legal requirements vary by industry and jurisdiction. This is why standard enterprise legal management (ELM) solutions often fall short. The power of ELM that sits on a business process automation platform like Onit’s Apptitude is that workflows can be configured to specific needs and data and reports can be consolidated in one place to make reporting easier and more meaningful. Join this webinar to learn how DaVita is planning to leverage the power of Apptitude to take legal operations to the next level.

We will also highlight some of the other solutions that Onit’s Apptitude platform has solved for other enterprise-wide process challenges. With more than 5,500 Apps and 130 solutions built using Onit’s platform, legal operations managers can implement a platform that is configurable, scalable and can support hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.

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Onit is sponsoring a series of virtual discussions for General Counsel and Legal Operations professionals in Europe.

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