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Meet the Hackers Who Are Reengineering Legal Operations Technology

Are you ready for a friendly legal operations technology competition? These legal leaders raised their hands and said, “Hack, yeah!”

Two weeks ago, we announced our new hackathon: Hack the House.

The competition unites Onit customers, partners and staff to re-imagine legal operations technology. With the no-code Onit Apptitude platform, they’re creating Apps to address real challenges faced by corporate legal departments.

The competition, held in conjunction with Cosmonauts, welcomes five teams, including Team IP, Team HR, Team Europe, Team Diversity and Team Pro Bono. Each team has three weeks to identify a problem, define requirements and build the solution.

Winners will be determined by public voting (sign up here to get the notices) and a judging panel of in-house legal leaders that features:

Voting opens in December, with winners announced before the end of the year.

Ready to meet the legal and business experts, certified App Builders and project managers blazing a new trail for legal operations technology? Let’s do it.

Team Europe

Our team overseas is packed with talent. Led by Robert Johnson, Onit’s managing director (you may have seen his spirited series on Legaltech101), the team also has:

Team IP

Team IP brings some real heavy hitters together to combat legal operations inefficiencies for intellectual property. It includes:

Team HR

HR and legal go together like Jobs and Wozniak (well, in the early days). This team of pros will identify a critical HR/legal challenge and take it down with technology. Members include:

Team Diversity

From CEOs to GC, businesses are prioritizing diversity. This team of legal ops leaders will streamline and automate a critical diversity-related process to further this initiative. Working on this team are:

Team Pro Bono

And finally, our final team includes these talented individuals working on a solution to track an organization’s pro bono legal efforts:

We’ll have more updates as Hack the House continues. Sign up for the latest news on these teams’ progress. Good luck to everyone!

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