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Onit Acknowledges More Sheroes in Honor of Women’s History Month

Diana Plazas

Diana Plazas is Onit’s financial analyst in the Houston, Texas office. For more than a year, Diana has been crucial to the inner workings of Onit’s Professional Services Group. Diana was tasked with analyzing large sets of historical data of Onit’s past implementations and turned this into a model to help better estimate Onit’s time investment in the enterprise legal management implementations based on their specific characteristics and level of effort. Each day, Diana applies Onit’s value of passion – “being successful or achieving any goal takes hard work. When there is passion we find meaning and determination, and we are capable of achieving almost anything.”

Diana recently joined Onit’s finance team and continues to develop her skills as she completed her chartered financial analyst level 1 certification and is working towards completing level 2 and level 3. “I truly believe that developing these skills will not only make me a better professional but will enable me to contribute more at Onit.” Diana’s favorite part of Onit is that she is able to work with a “genuine group of people that truly enjoys sharing knowledge, support your initiatives, and make you feel valued.” The catered lunches on Wednesdays also make hump day that much more exciting!

Leah Knox is Onit’s senior business analyst based in our Houston, Texas office. Leah has been a critical role in the past year within Onit’s Professional Services Group. She has “several recent successes that make coming to work very exciting!” Recently, Leah supported a customer’s user adoption efforts by taking two trips onsite and conducting 25 user training sessions. Embodying Onit’s value of passion, Leah believes that “passion makes the work important to you, and importance drives you to be successful. For me, I am passionate about service – to the clients, to the users, and to my team.”

By taking Onit’s value of passion forward, Leah is working towards formalizing the roles of end user training and business analysts and applying more structure to those roles. Additionally, Leah has her sight set on being eligible for the K1 Investment Management (K1) Advance Management Program next year and will continue to work on her organizational leadership degree which she is working to complete by end of 2020! Leah’s favorite part of Onit is that “independent thought, innovation, and process improvement are encouraged at every level of the organization. Successes are celebrated and failures are treated as learning opportunities.”

Kanchan Joshi is one of Onit’s Customer Success Engineers in our Pune, India office. Over Kanchan’s nearly two years with Onit, she has played an essential role in delivering quality support to our customers, believing that “quality speaks for itself!” Kanchan’s team received one of the highest rating NPS scores and believes that her “success story is about playing an important role within the team and working towards achieving customer delight!” Kanchan sees that all four of Onit’s values make the company succeed by not only working towards a few of them, but by balancing and applying the appropriate value in the right situations.

Kanchan has always been passionate about working closely with Onit’s customers. As she progresses through her career, Kanchan looks forward to continuing to collaborate independently with customers and contribute more towards identifying their pain points rather than only being a contributor in resolving them. When asked what her favorite part about working at Onit, Kanchan shared that “it never feels like a burden to start a new day. The main contributing reason behind this, I feel, is the openness in culture.” Additionally, Kanchan has been impressed by “being empowered to take decisions at very junior level compared to other bigger players in the industry. This gives a sense of ownership and responsibility which means, every individual gets recognized for their work.”

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