Control Your Contract Lifecycle

Featuring an integrated generative AI-powered Virtual Assistant that lets users dynamically interact with contracts, OnitX CLM software manages contracts from capture and creation to approvals and execution, empowering your organization and its internal clients to shape their own contract destiny.

Product benefits

AI-powered Contract Management Support Embedded in Microsoft Word

Delivering consistent AI-powered expertise integrated right into Microsoft Word, Catalyst Virtual Assistant for Contracts is like having the support of a dedicated paralegal working alongside you on every contract.

Legal Team Collaboration

Natural Language Processing (NLP) in our CLM software helps unlock hidden insights within contracts and automated data sharing, streamlining legal teamwork and empowering your contracts team with AI-driven efficiency to achieve more together while saving valuable resources.

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Minimize Compliance Risk

Proactively manage compliance risk with our AI-powered CLM solution. Harness AI to spot and address regulatory, litigation, and contractual legal risks. Use custom AI playbooks to filter and prioritize contracts based on risk.

Stay on top of deadlines

Intelligent contract management tools equip your legal team to manage and measure compliance-related tasks, milestones, payments, and/or event-driven commitments — eliminating revenue leakage due to missed obligations, deadlines, and renewals.

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minutes to review and redline contracts


increase in productivity


reduction in average sales cycle

Explore the product features

Faster Negotiations

Speed through contract reviews with the help of in-contract AI tools that identify defined terms, cross-references, and risky language.

Automated Risk Mitigation

AI-driven contract risk assessment identifies which contracts in your repository should be renegotiated, ensures compliance, and minimizes errors.

Intelligent Obligations Management

Optimize compliance, payments, and milestones with our advanced AI and intelligent automation for precise contract lifecycle management.

Conditional Contract Generation

Revolutionize contract creation with Onit’s robust rules engine and metadata. Streamline templates for precision and action-ready language.

Easy Integration

Supporting both buy-side and sell-side operations, OnitX CLM’s scalable and secure integration layer (powered by Workato) delivers simple connections between upstream applications and downstream systems like Salesforce and SAP Ariba.

Maximum Value, Minimum cost

No per-user charges — unlock premium software at an unbeatable price. Elevate your business affordably.

One platform for all of your legal operations needs

Legal Front Door

Simplify legal service request management with a legal front door that gathers all the “matters that matter.”

Workflow Apps

Enjoy a common user experience and AI-powered insights across a full set of enterprise legal management apps.


Use OnitX “where you work” through integrations with productivity and enterprise applications and data repositories.

From request all the way through the process — even past signature, to reporting and audit and renewing and everything — having all of those pieces automated, accessible, transparent, with collaboration really drives efficiency across the board.
Senior Organizational Leader,
Fortune 500 Multinational Technology Company

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