Create, Monitor, and Manage Legal Holds with Ease

With the OnitX Legal Holds software, know you’re covered with a secure, reliable, and defensible legal hold process. Automate tasks, notify custodians, and preserve digital evidence with a few clicks to prevent costly penalties.

Product benefits

Create Legal Holds in 4 Easy Steps

Onit’s easy-to-use legal hold software interface requires little to no training and integrates with HR, document management, asset management, matter management, and other back-end systems. After creation, monitor the status of legal holds in real-time with intuitive dashboards.

Improve Communication with Custodians

Legal hold management software that leverages automated custodian reminders and escalation notifications to ensure compliance without manual effort. Legal hold software custodians can even have a proxy designated to respond on their behalf to remove roadblocks.

Don’t Miss a Thing

Complete centralized preservation-in-place of key electronic documents in Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and Slack — all without requiring IT support.

Explore the product features

Comprehensive Preservation

Centralized preservation-in-place functionality allows users to ensure data preservation across systems with just a single checkbox.

Matter Management Integration

Initiate the originating matter within OnitX Matter Management and seamlessly kick off the Legal Holds process.

Global Compliant Audit

Gain a complete audit trail of all legal hold activity and comply with requests to produce Electronically Stored Information (ESI) for overseas employees.

One platform for all of your legal operations needs

Legal Front Door

Simplify legal service request management with a legal front door that gathers all the “matters that matter.”

Workflow Apps

Enjoy a common user experience and AI-powered insights across a full set of enterprise legal management apps.


Use OnitX “where you work” through integrations with productivity and enterprise applications and data repositories.

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