Simple Interactions, Streamlined Engagement

Empower your organization with our comprehensive legal service request solution. Seamlessly integrate our AI-powered Microsoft Outlook plug-in for effortless request generation and management, and enable business users to submit and track their own requests with ease using our intelligent self-service portal.

Product benefits

Enabling Legal for Digital Velocity

Centralize and streamline the processes for legal service requests with Onit’s AI-powered smart intake solutions and workflow automation platform, enhancing efficiency by enabling seamless management of requests, reviews, and approvals within a unified platform.

Improved Compliance and Risk Management

Standardized legal service request form handling, automated workflows, and real-time tracking ensure consistent processes — enhancing compliance monitoring — while AI-driven analytics provide deeper insights and help detect issues early for proactive risk management.

Foster Responsive Business Operations

Transform your legal team’s responsiveness with our integrated legal service requests solution. Give business users the self-service access they need and provide legal pros the power of Gen-AI in Outlook and Word — ensuring swift review and prompt legal action.

Data-Driven Decisions and Unified Legal Reporting

Revolutionize data visibility for your legal department and beyond. Deploy advanced reporting capabilities for actionable insights to help optimize processes, allocate resources effectively, and achieve strategic business objectives.


of the in-house legal team’s work goes systemically uncaptured without LSM


cost and time efficiency


reduction in error rates

Explore the product features

Self-Service Portal

Streamline legal service request forms with our self-service portal, featuring an intuitive interface, easy access, and quick submission and tracking for business users.

Virtual Assistant for Legal Ops

Simplify legal ops tasks with our Outlook plugin’s AI-powered Virtual Assistant that seamlessly integrates into your workflow.

Standardized Intake System

Establish one central intake process for all legal service requests, connecting the optimal law department resource to respond to each business need.

Centralized Data Repository

Consolidate all legal service request forms and data into a single, accessible platform for improved visibility and control.

Task Automation and Workflow Management

Automate tasks to save time, allowing users to prioritize high-value legal tasks. Tailor workflows for efficiency, clarity, and productivity.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Track and analyze service requests across regions, departments, and business units with reporting and dashboard views to empower data-driven decisions.

One platform for all of your legal operations needs

Legal Front Door

Simplify legal service request management with a legal front door that gathers all the “matters that matter.”

Workflow Apps

Enjoy a common user experience and AI-powered insights across a full set of enterprise legal management apps.


Use OnitX “where you work” through integrations with productivity and enterprise applications and data repositories.

Having the right information and tools at our fingertips has allowed our attorneys to spend more time with the business, understanding and servicing their needs. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.
Aine Lyons, VMWare

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