Manage Legal Spend and Control Risk

Gain complete visibility and enforce greater control to become a collaborative partner within the organization and deliver a comprehensive and holistic financial picture.

Product benefits

Everything you need – all in one place

Comprehensive visibility across all legal spend so you always see the complete short- and long-term financial picture.

Proactively manage relationships with vendors

Stay on the same page with vendors; manage invoices through the submission, review, and approval processes in a single collaborative platform. Optimize outside counsel selection with the ability to explore the “what and who” insights you need to balance internal vs. external assignments, select the right resources, drive negotiations, and reduce costs.

More Effective Use of Legal Resources

Enforce billing guidelines, analyze invoices based on AI recommendations, evaluate performance against budgets, and see trends from external law firms and vendors across your matter portfolio.

Metrics that Matter

Deliver results to your organization to underscore the importance and effectiveness of legal efforts. Make data-driven decisions about legal partnerships, accruals, reserves, and risk assessments for a surprise-free spend budget.


of legal spend under management


global library of e-billing rules, fee arrangements, and spend best practices


globally compliant for VAT requirements, GDPR, and more

Explore the product features

Smart Invoice Review

Leverage AI to go beyond basic invoice review and identify potentially costly issues like block billing, vague descriptions, and more.


Globally compliant for VAT requirements, GDPR, and other regional requirements.

E-billing Rules

Global library of e-billing rules, alternative fee arrangements, and best practices.

Data Privacy

Ensure your data remains confidential with bank-grade encryption and security features that stand out among other solutions.

Flexible Reporting

Port legal spend data to your data warehouse for analysis by any business intelligence tool.

One platform for all of your legal operations needs

Legal Front Door

Simplify legal service request management with a legal front door that gathers all the “matters that matter”.

Workflow Apps

Enjoy a common user experience and AI-powered insights across a full set of enterprise legal management apps.


Use OnitX “where you work” through integrations with productivity and enterprise applications and data repositories.

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