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No-Code Platforms: How They Are Transforming Legal Operations and Their Enterprises

In recent years, corporate legal departments have seen a shift in expectations for how they conduct business. Gone are silos and limited interaction with the rest of the organization.

In their place is the desire for self-service for low-risk requests, enhanced responsiveness and increased transparency.  As Deloitte noted in a report on the legal department of the future, “In-house lawyers are becoming business partners, embedded and able to work across units and specializations.”

No-code business process automation platforms and business intelligence platforms powered by AI are making this happen. They enable corporate legal to spin up Apps and solutions to fit any business use – from contract lifecycle management to managing diversity to data breach reporting.

Download our latest white paper – “The Power of a Platform: Building Corporate Legal Influence Across the Enterprise” – to discover:

  • How platforms work and how they differ from other technology solutions
  • The benefits of platforms
  • What factors a legal department should consider when choosing one
  • Real-world examples of legal departments using platforms to enable enterprise collaboration and enact digital transformation.

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