Having to fire or lay off an employee is one of the hardest things an employer does. Not only does employee exit management require a set process to ensure the termination is done in a professional way, your company also has a legal responsibility to make the break as clean as possible. 

The Onit Employee Termination App helps simplify the process of ending a work relationship with an employee whether it’s a layoff or involuntary termination. The App organizes all of the documentation and processes in one place and ensures that all of the company’s policies and procedures are followed properly.

The Onit Employee Termination App:

  • Eases the task of terminating an employee and helps control the risks
  • Creates a checklist for the hiring manager to address with the employee
  • Prepares the hiring manager to help “say” and “do” the right things at the termination meeting
  • Organizes a script or talking points to help the meeting run smoothly

While nothing can take the sting out of an involuntary employee termination, the proper tools, such as the Onit Employee Termination App, can ease the process and ensure the company is protected.