Adaptable AI for Tailored Contract Workflows

From drafting and negotiation to review, approval, execution, and post-signature management, Catalyst for Contracts delivers intuitive, collaborative, user-friendly, and responsible AI-driven tools for enterprise-level contract management.

Product benefits

AI-powered Contract Review and Generation

Optimize contract drafting and review efficiency using GPT-powered chat with Catalyst Virtual Assistant for Contracts. Instant access to guidance, fallbacks, and approved clauses accelerates reviewer efficiency, ensuring accuracy for legal teams every time.

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Elevate Contract Playbooks with AI Precision

Unlock efficiency with AI-powered playbooks. Onit Catalyst AI accelerates contract review and extraction processes, boosts accuracy, and enhances organizational performance.

Visualize Contract-Related Risks

Tap into the full value of negotiated contracts with highly configurable, AI-powered dashboards that let legal and business leaders easily visualize and report on risk, compliance, and other previously hidden contract data.

Turn Contract Data Into Actionable Insights

Harness the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP) for lightning-quick contract data extraction and AI-powered legal text processing. Automate augmenting the extraction and validation of critical contractual data points such as renewal dates, payment terms, and pricing information.


faster contract audit and migration projects


faster contract negotiations


assisted legal interactions each year

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Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs)

Leverage generative AI and the latest LLMs for intelligent contract lifecycle management, enhancing pre- and post-signature activities.

Ready to Go Out-of-the-Box

Get started immediately with highly accurate OCR, AI trained on nuanced legal language, and hundreds of pre-trained legal concepts and data fields.

Word and Outlook integration

Seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Word and Outlook, making it easier and faster for legal professionals to adopt and embrace our powerful tools.

Conversational AI

Tap into the capabilities of conversational AI to expedite legal drafting, ensure term consistency, and provide clear clause insights.

Accelerated Data Capture and Validation

Automate contract data extraction, leveraging NLP for contracts to accelerate data entry and validation by up to 400%, while reducing human effort by ~60%.

CLM Support

Infuse pre- and post-signature contract management with intelligence, consistency, and automation by leveraging next-gen AI in your CLM workflow.

One platform for all of your legal operations needs

Legal Front Door

Simplify legal service request management with a legal front door that gathers all the “matters that matter.”

Workflow Apps

Enjoy a common user experience and AI-powered insights across a full set of enterprise legal management apps.


Use OnitX “where you work” through integrations with productivity and enterprise applications and data repositories.

When Onit showed us the precision product [Catalyst for Contracts] and the Word plugin they had, that really hit the spot for us. I was super impressed with that.
Sheldon Renkema,
General Manager for Business Development

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