5,500+ Ways Corporate Legal Innovates Business Process Automation

Business process automation solves a crucial challenge for corporate legal departments. Tasked with doing more with fewer resources, in-house counsel are happily exchanging highly manual processes for Apps and automation.

For example, consider a typical trademark renewal process. An App can reinvent that process, bypassing spreadsheets and emails, automating communications and reminders and helping stakeholders quickly and efficiently determine which trademarks to renew. (You can see a demo here.) The result: Fewer touchpoints for in-house counsel without comprising the integrity and results of the process.

Inspiration for Business Process Automation with the Onit App Catalog

The trademark renewal App is just one example of business process automation innovation from the Onit Nation – the customers, partners and employees building on Onit Apptitude every day. After a decade in existence, Onit currently supports 5,500+ Apps that streamline critical processes like tracking vendor and law firm diversity, managing whistleblower allegations and supporting career development.

Today, we launched our new Onit App Catalog, which shares some of these Apps targeting business process automation in the following areas:

The catalog shares some of the most intriguing solutions and Apps created around the globe. These Apps are trusted by 400+ companies, from privately owned entities to Fortune 50 corporations.

Now, you can search the catalog and find inspiration in the powerful workflows in-house colleagues have built to run within enterprises of all sizes and specialties.

Examples of App Excellence from Corporate Legal Departments

The catalog represents a decade of business process automation innovation that has created digital transformation, one App at a time. Examples of Apps built by and for corporate legal departments include:

  • The vendor and law firm diversity tracking App, which helps internal teams gather diversity statistics from law firms and vendors to track and manage compliance with corporate policies and diversity goals.
  • The whistleblower App, which provides an anonymous intake of any alleged activities brought in by employees. It organizes, assesses and manages whistleblower allegations in a secure, centralized and workflow-driven solution.
  • The trade secrets access management App, which maintains accurate records of who has access to trade secrets or components of trade secrets within an organization. It streamlines the process of securing them upon an employee’s departure.
  • The mentorship and career development App, which creates a more formal method of linking mentors to mentees and tracks opportunities for career development, both inside and outside of an employee’s current role within an organization.

Platforms Make It All Possible

Onit is the only company to offer its users two platforms, combining the power of process and workflow automation with artificial intelligence. Apptitude is Onit’s business process automation platform, where users can easily create, modify and deploy Apps. Because it’s a no-code environment, you can quickly build without technical training to develop Apps for your organization. And unlimited licensing ensures that everyone in the company, regardless of which department they work in, can access the Apps they need to get work done efficiently.

Precedent, our AI platform, complements Apptitude and allows legal and business departments to automate processes faster while making them more cost-effective and efficient. Precedent is 100x faster than other AI systems and enables users to recognize a 40% increase in productivity.

Register for the Onit App Catalog Webinar on July 28

Onit will host a webinar on July 28 at 12 p.m. ET titled “Drive Legal Innovation One App at a Time.” The webinar will provide an overview of the new App Catalog and demonstrate examples of customer Apps for workflow, process and automation across the enterprise. Registration is available here.

Over 5,500 Business Process Automation Apps and Counting

This impressive collection of workflow, process and automation Apps from corporate legal can help enterprises of all sizes attain operational efficiencies, reduce risk and gain greater insight into data and operations. Read the App Catalog to find inspiration for new ways to continue your corporate legal department’s digital transformation journey.

To start with Apps on Onit’s no-code Apptitude platform, request a demonstration or email [email protected] today.

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