9 Advantages of a Matter Management Cloud Solution

In our Matter Management blog series, we have already addressed the fact that in-house counsel are under enormous pressure in today’s demanding business environment to serve their internal clients effectively and professionally while keeping costs low and minimizing potential risks. In this article, Carina Smolik-Fischer, director of product at BusyLamp (an Onit company), summarizes the top 9 benefits of a matter management cloud solution and how it can benefit your legal team.

In-house counsel are challenged to find innovative legal tech solutions for their legal departments that enable them to increase productivity and speed without sacrificing the quality and value of their work. At first, these may appear to be competing goals, but with the help of a matter management solution, you will make the first step towards reconciling these seemingly conflicting goals. With matter management, you have a centralized solution that allows you to create matters, centrally view files easily, and access related documents and emails.

Matter Management from Onit offers all the modules and features modern legal departments need for daily and efficient work. Legal market experts have developed Onit’s Matter Management solution with a strong understanding of the complex requirements of in-house counsel and the regional specifics of the DACH legal market.

And now to the good news: implementing such a matter management software does not have to be complicated. Using cloud software is the fastest way. Furthermore, cloud-based software programs offer you nine key advantages that can significantly benefit your business:

1. General Benefits

Any cloud-based application – including matter management – opens up new ways of collaboration, flexibility, innovation, and mobility. Users can access applications quickly and easily from anywhere via the internet, extend them as needed, and share their data with authorized third parties within seconds. New functions and innovations are immediately available in high quality, thus offering users more agility and flexibility. But that’s not all: cloud technology for matter management provides numerous benefits that would be difficult or impossible to achieve with local on-premise software.

2. Costs

With cloud software, there are no unique investment costs for purchasing and running hardware and operating system software. Also, there is no need for internal know-how about the software application besides the monthly license fee. With Onit, there are only one-time onboarding costs for the software’s individual configuration, including users, authorizations, master data, templates, and more. In addition, there is a short training session to get you started quickly and comprehensively. This allows you to calculate reliably, minimize financial risk and avoid surprises.

3. Direct Availability

Cloud software is always ready. No technical installation is required, so your IT deployment is limited to testing security-related issues. With Onit, for example, you are using software hosted in the EU that complies with the latest security standards, e.g., certifications such as ISO 27001 and ISO 9001.

4. State-of-the-Art Security Standards

There are often concerns that cloud technologies are unsafe and exposed to attacks. However, this is not the case. Our Matter Management solution runs on Microsoft Azure. Large providers like Microsoft are constantly investing in the security of their data centers, using the latest software, and having specialized employees.

5. Automated updates and upgrades

Cloud applications have automated upgrades and updates that keep your matter management solution up to date. This has the advantage of always providing you with innovative features and constantly guaranteeing the security of your software.

6. Collaboration

Cloud software is accessible via the internet – all you need is your normal browser like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. As an end user, you benefit from this, especially with matter management software. For example: once a digital file is created in our Matter Management solution, you can easily share or assign its content, such as documents, emails, appointments, tasks, etc., with authorized third parties (departments such as HR, procurement, or external law firms). Use the platform itself or MS Teams for this purpose – all required contents of the digital file are under your control 24/7. Legal services such as the internal Legal Service Request are also provided via the Internet browser and therefore do not require technical installation. Sharing on the intranet or using an MS Teams APP makes access easier and saves time. It gives you the flexibility to focus on your higher value-added work.

7. Apps and Plug-Ins

Easily extend your matter management software using APPs and plug-ins. These integrate directly into the application, extending your cloud software with just a few clicks. Matter Management offers integrations with MS Office, MS Outlook, and MS Teams so that you can communicate directly within the solution.

8. Data Security

We are very aware of the fact that your legal department manages extremely sensitive data. A loss of data could have serious consequences. As mentioned at the outset, established cloud providers such as Microsoft have significantly more capabilities to provide data in a highly available, stable, and secure manner. Furthermore, data communication between the local computer and the Internet service is always encrypted to prevent access by unauthorized persons and to protect your data using state-of-the-art technologies.

9. Scalability

Cloud software is flexible and dynamically scalable. Onboarding additional users, sites, or departments is possible anytime and immediately without any lead time or spare capacity in your IT department. This also applies to the use of more storage. Cloud-based software allows you to grow according to the unique needs of your legal department.


Cloud-based matter management provides legal departments with the tools and applications to make their processes more efficient, streamline their legal operations, and efficiently deliver value to their organization. Add value through smart technologies and improve the visibility of your contribution to the company’s success. Use Matter Management to optimize the spending of your costs. Use your valuable time to focus on high-quality legal advice and put aside the time-consuming management of your legal mandates.

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