Meet the New Onit User Interface: A Quicker Way to Tackle Automation and Workflow for Corporate Legal

The technology demands for most corporate legal departments have become increasingly more complex in the past decade – especially for automation and workflow. With corporate legal prioritizing efficiency, cost control and collaboration across the enterprise, technology must be flexible enough to meet ever-evolving needs and easy enough to use to encourage widespread adoption.

Onit understands, which is why we’re excited to announce our new user interface. The enhanced design allows corporate legal professionals, Onit App builders and business collaborators in departments such as compliance, sales and IT to create, collaborate and get more done in fewer clicks.

The new UI provides a cleaner visual language, enhanced indicators and status effects and a more straightforward way to identify and act on pertinent data and deadlines. Powered by Onit’s no-code platforms for workflow automation (Apptitude) and AI-based business intelligence (Precedent), the even more intuitive experience maximizes productivity for enterprise legal management, contract lifecycle management, legal service requests, legal holds and more.

No Automation and Workflow Challenge Too Big or Too Small to Solve with Onit

Our new UI joins a variety of Onit innovations that make it simpler to streamline and automate critical processes. Thanks to our no-code platforms and intuitive UIs, legal operations professionals and in-house counsel can create time-saving, automated Apps that simplify automation and workflow.

Our Process Builder provides a visually oriented, drag-and-drop interface that allows users of all levels of technical proficiency to build workflows. It removes learning hurdles by making it easy for users to understand how to build applications, allowing corporate legal to create Apps in minutes.

To see this in motion, check out our Hack the House competition.  Corporate legal professionals from companies including Colgate-Palmolive, Corteva Agriscience and McDonald’s identified business needs for areas such as diversity, IP and HR and created Apps and solutions to meet them in three weeks. In the end, Team IP won by creating Apps and a solution that automated the trademark renewal process.

Onit’s AI also provides a valuable edge for automation and workflow. ReviewAI uses artificial intelligence to quickly review, redline and edit all types of contracts, increasing productivity by more than 51%. ExtractAI leverages AI-based software to extract and obtain usable data from executed, legacy and third-party paper contracts.

To learn more about Onit, our new UI and our platforms and products, reach out to [email protected] or schedule a demonstration.

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