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Jan 29, 2010

Agile Project Management

In the software engineering world, they use a disciplined project management process called “agile” The agile method is based on teamwork, frequent inspection and adaption, self-organization and accountability, and a business approach that aligns work with customer needs and company goals.

We think those tenets should be applied to all project management systems, not just the development world, so the agile method was central to our thinking when we designed Onit.

Agile project management, unlike more traditional systems, is neither linear nor marked by complete specifications being written up front. Agile project managers work in much smaller chunks of time, 2 weeks for example, and fast iteration is key. Yes, specifications still need to be well understood but that doesn’t have to happen up front. Since you are moving fast, you can change those quickly and incorporate new ones as needed. These constant updates also keep everyone in the loop and save time.

We think agile lawyering makes sense. My lawyers and I should iterate more frequently on my projects. Onit allows you to define your goals clearly and up front and then through “discussions” in the service, you can iterate to make sure the project gets completed with the least rework. And you have a running transcript of decisions and conversations. Imagine having one place where you can see everyone’s updates, rather than having to call a meeting to discuss them!


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