Nov 19, 2020

Be Among The First to See Onit’s AI Platform and Contract Review Software

You might have heard our big news earlier this week: Onit has acquired AI contract management software company McCarthyFinch. Besides welcoming some of the brightest AI technologies and minds, we’ve also launched the next generation of Onit for legal operations professionals.

You can now be one of the first to see this technology in action by signing up for our webinar on December 10.

Onit is Artificial Intelligence

Onit is building its future on AI, with a vision to include it in our entire product portfolio.

Onit Precedent represents our first AI legal technology, an artificial intelligence platform that automates existing mundane, manual and costly legal processes and empowers continuous learning and workflow. It has a single mission: to help business professionals get more work done faster.

The first release on Onit Precedent, ReviewAI, reads, writes and reasons like a lawyer. It provides a review of any contract and automatically redlines, annotates and provides a risk rating based on your company’s playbook. Its AI learns based on user feedback and can be applied to many different use cases, including NDAs, MSAs, purchase agreements and third-party contract review.

ReviewAI delivers impressive results by:

  • Improving productivity by more than 50%
  • Accelerating contract approvals by 60-70%
  • Reviewing and redlining a contract in less than two minutes

Join Our December 10 Webinar on Artificial Intelligence in Contract Lifecycle Management

Nick Whitehouse, General Manager of the Onit AI Center of Excellence, will host a webinar on December 10 to discuss AI and how legal professionals can successfully apply it in their corporate legal departments and operations. He’ll also provide a demonstration of ReviewAI, including its Microsoft Word add-in, contract review summary, email and portal review, contract review templates, customizable clause library and automated alerts.

Reserve your spot for the webinar today. We look forward to seeing you there.


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