Banishing the “Black Hole Mentality” of Contract Review

Quick: How many contracts are pending review in your department? How many have been approved in the last 30 days? Who is reviewing each pending contract right now and how long does it take for a contract to be approved?

If you can’t easily answer these questions, chances are that you might not have the right tools or practices in place. A lack of transparency can lead to impaired overview and decreased service that can impact revenue. As one general counsel of a Fortune 500 corporation shared, We weren’t tracking assignments properly, and we weren’t being responsive to customers. I felt we had to get rid of the black hole mentality, and one way was to have a better way to track contracts coming in.

Find out how to banish the black hole mentality with this new whitepaper: Streamlining Contract Review & Approval to Drive Revenue Velocity & Increase Client Satisfaction.

The white paper examines common contract review and approval processes and tools to determine:

  • How tools like email and spreadsheets fall short
  • Why traditional approaches are not sustainable
  • How Apps are reinventing the contract review and approval process
  • Why Apps are the wave of the future

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