Oct 15, 2020

How DaVita’s Corporate Legal Department Stays Synced with Evolving Business Needs

In its 23rd annual CEO survey, PwC found 83% of U.S. CEOs prioritize operational efficiencies to drive growth over the next 12 months. The pandemic has forced many businesses to reassess and pivot quickly – meaning that corporate legal departments have had to do the same to stay aligned with strategic initiatives. At the same time, they want to enact change and accommodate new workflows efficiently.

How can a corporate legal department enhance efficiency while quickly adapting to changing business needs? According to Daniel Lee, Director of Legal Operations – Technology & Analytics at DaVita, you need Apps. In this on-demand webinar, he shares how DaVita has invested in building apps to support what he calls “the other lanes” in the corporate legal department. As a result, they’ve streamlined workflows and accelerated change management for areas such as marketing intake and conflict waiver tracking.

Before and After Apps

For example, he describes the “before and after” of their process for reviewing marketing materials. Before, the legal team created and worked from color-coded spreadsheets and email tags – a process that demanded a lot of valuable time to maintain. The company’s legal operations team saw an opportunity to increase efficiency. Working with Onit’s workflow and business process automation platform as the foundation, they built a marketing intake process App. Marketers can request legal review online, uploading information needed for review. Then, the App automated the process, capturing work product, redlines and more. It also gave them weekly reports that help them calculate the type of work associated with these projects.

As a result, Daniel reported that they expect enhanced task management and collaboration, knowledge is stored in a system instead of shared mailboxes, metric generation is simplified and distribution automated.

A Platform Advantage

This is one example of how DaVita has increased efficiency. With Onit Apptitude as its technology platform, the corporate legal department has combined the power of an enterprise legal management solution with the ability to launch Apps to solve critical business challenges quickly. As a result, they can configure their workflows to their specific needs and data and reports are consolidated in one place to make reporting easier and more meaningful.

Apptitude minimizes the need for technical resources. It bridges the gap between technical and business users, providing a no-code platform and a visual drag-and-drop workflow builder with an intuitive visual interface for building and managing workflows. Plus, it allows an unlimited number of users, meaning other departments and contacts can use any Apptitude-powered app without having to incur costs.

In this recorded webinar, you can hear Daniel share the corporate legal department’s vision for enterprise legal management and how they use a platform and apps to supercharge efficiency.

Lean Into LegalOps

The DaVita webinar is one in a series of virtual learning and networking titled Lean Into LegalOps. The program, available in both the U.S. and Europe, brings Onit customers and the greater in-house legal community together to share experiences, lessons and successes through formal webinars, virtual discussions, customer demonstrations and more informal check-in calls. Join Lean Into LegalOps today to get periodic updates on upcoming events and new content, as well as invitations to the virtual events and bi-monthly check-in calls.



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