Bodhala CEO, Raj Goyle, Appears on Legal Tech Startup Focus Podcast

Bodhala CEO, Raj Goyle, recently joined Legal Tech Startup Focus podcast host, Charles Uniman, to discuss his journey to becoming a legal tech startup founder, the current issues plaguing the legal services marketplace, and how data is transforming the legal industry.

“In the law, the buyer of legal services has none of the five key attributes that the buy-side deserves to have — price discovery, innovation, data, competition, & accountability to the sell-side. The entire legal system in America is set up for the benefit of the law firm vendor.”  — CEO, Raj Goyle

Bodhala’s mission is to create a transparent market for legal services. Using data to illuminate price discovery, we can drive competition and innovation not just for buyers of legal services, but for the entire industry.

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