Change is a Good Thing: Why Enterprise Legal Management is So Much More than Just E-billing and Matter Management

For quite a few years, enterprise legal management (ELM) has focused on matter management and spend management. It’s fair to say that effective ELM platforms were, and still are, good at what they do best – only matter and spend management. But many of these platforms were designed solely for the storage and access of data; not a whole lot more than that. This is the problem and these systems need to be laid to rest.

Now for the good news. Onit has spent decades studying what’s worked for other legal corporate legal departments to develop enterprise legal management (ELM) solutions that are flexible and easy-to-use. In our eBook, “Matter and Spend Are Just the Beginning: A Guide to the Enterprise Legal Management Paradigm Shift” we outline the evolution of these solutions.

There has been a distinct paradigm shift and evolutionary branching off from those older ELM systems. Nowadays, the best ELM platforms facilitate engagement, are focused on process, offer an environment where the user experience is crucial and can be augmented to manage other legal processes.

While matter management tracks various details in a centralized database and spend management gives good visibility into financial information, it would hardly be accurate to say that these areas make up the totality of what law departments need to track and manage. In truth—there is so much more. Today’s definition of ELM includes all of the following tasks:

There are solutions available that are highly focused on each of these tasks. Many innovative legal departments have acknowledged the evolutionary ELM paradigm shift and have augmented their matter and spend management arsenal with this cutting-edge technology.

With clients like ADM, The Home Depot and Under Armour – Onit is one of the most trusted names in the industry. Check out our customer success stories and learn more about bringing your legal department into the future with Onit’s ELM solutions.

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