Committed to Our Customer’s Success: Learn More on Our Latest Podcast

We’re excited to announce our latest podcast! In this episode, customer success team members Tawnya Thorman and Stephanie Bullard discuss what their team is all about. Tawnya and Stephanie start by giving a little background about their previous work with different companies. They then share their thoughts about what the customer success team does, including creating value for customers, ensuring user adoption and other business needs, customer service, and making sure everything works as it should. They also quickly highlight their roles as advocates and consultants.

Tawnya and Stephanie go on to relate a few customer success stories, and also offer logical and practical reasons to embrace technology; especially for those who fear or don’t like change. As a parting word they explain their team’s pivotal role in helping to “free” customers to do the work they love, rather than the work they hate (which Onit’s automation takes care of).

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