Digital Transformation in the Legal Industry: Inspiration and Advice

In recent years, digital transformation in the legal industry has been sweeping through companies of all sizes. Legal ops professionals have been tasked with boosting efficiency while decreasing costs. As new challenges continue to arise, many have embraced agility, constantly adapting and optimizing processes.

For many in-house business visionaries and legal operations professionals, the answer to facing down constant change has been technology and innovation. By capitalizing on these new advances, digital transformation has not just changed how legal works, but has brought value across organizations.

To inspire your own digital transformation in the legal industry, we’ve compiled our latest Quick Start Guide, which shares valuable advice on legal digital transformation from the leaders who created it.

Inspiration from the Best

The Quick Start Guide offers insight from some of the most successful digital transformation stories in the legal market – Onit customers BT, ADM and VMware. In their stories, we hope you’ll find inspiration for your own intentionally designed change.

  • BT’s Award-Winning Digital Transformation: BT, one of the largest global communications service providers, needed to reconceptualize their processes to optimize the delivery of legal services. Technology served as the backbone for its transformation vision. The company, which is the UK’s leading telecommunications and network provider and a leading provider of global communications services and solutions, adopted a platform to fuel their transformation – one that won the prestigious Legal Innovation Award in the category of Future of Legal Services Innovation – In-House Legal Operations and has been recognized by both the Legalweek Leaders in Tech Law Awards and the Legal Procurement Awards.
  • ADM’s Self-Built Vendor Management App: Fortune 100 company ADM, a global leader in nutrition and agricultural origination and processing, turned to technology to streamline a common challenge – vendor management. A major issue, the company had no standardized processes around selecting the right vendor for any particular matter or project. They built their own solution to streamline the vendor management process on a no-code platform.
  • VMware’s Data-Centric Transformation Journey: Every company’s digital transformation stems from different priorities. For VMware, a leading provider of multi-cloud services, the goal was to transform and scale legal services to accelerate the company’s growth and simplify the customer experience. That could only happen if they could find a way to harness the power of the huge volumes of data they had in their possession and access benchmarking information. With careful planning, vision and technology, they accomplished just that.

Tips for Implementing Successful Legal Digital Transformation

In addition to these specific success stories, the Quick Start Guide outlines some top pieces of advice for how corporate legal departments can drive transformation at their organizations. From budgeting considerations to hiring the right talent, the guide draws on a recent CLOC panel of experts that offered best practices for scaling legal transformation projects within a legal team and organization.

The Quick Start Guide also offers some valuable transformation advice from Brad Rogers, Onit’s own vice president of strategy and growth and former chief operations officer and chief of staff for advocacy and oversight at a Fortune Global 100 company.

As Brad explains, digital transformation in the legal industry requires a longer-term rethinking of the way you work and should be aimed at leveraging modern capabilities and business processes to change the way your company operates. He also lays out the three goals to keep in mind when building world-class legal operations from scratch.

You can find these successful examples of digital transformation and read more advice here.

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