Driving Business Value and Growth, App by App

Mark Cuban once famously said, “We are going through the process where software will automate software, and automation will automate automation.” Apps powered by platforms are a big part of this evolution. Corporate legal departments (and most other businesses) are on a quest for technologies that help drive growth, add value and speed up processes. Many have already discovered that a platform approach helps them reach these objectives efficiently and quickly.

The Platform Advantage

The platform approach is a cloud-based service that empowers departments to build their own solutions or apps to address process and workflow problems. Saving time and money in turn allows businesses to focus on building apps that ultimately benefit their customers.

A cloud-based platform is an innovative and flexible tool that makes it easy to create, modify and deploy new software with robust workflow, transaction management and reporting capabilities. It helps solve real business problems without the need for costly support, training or IT infrastructure. This allows businesses to develop both very simple and very complex processes and workflows to drive everyday business functions and operations—in legal and other departments. These apps can be connected to other related apps to form a suite of cross-functional integrations to support complex operations. For example, this could include the creation and approval of matters, the drafting and review of non-disclosure agreements, and many other everyday activities.

Leading with Workflow

A workflow-centric approach is another important feature in a platform that seeks to transform matter management or other legal operations technologies into independent, collaborative and functional lifecycles that lawyers and operations managers use on a regular basis.  An a la carte model empowers users to add capabilities and components as needed. The ideal platform includes a modern architecture that showcases class-leading technology and a decidedly SaaS-based approach to legal business application management. Flexible and agile, these platforms are designed for rapid deployment and results.

Why You Should Consider a Platform for your Corporate Legal Department

Now that we’ve discussed the platform approach, here are reaons every legal operations professional should consider it.

  1. The Apps and Solutions are Easy to Create – Some workflows can be created in less than 30 minutes. A no-code platform is highly configurable and scalable and visual interfaces allows users to build and manage business logic and workflows using a drag-and-drop interface. This makes it easy for even non-technical professionals to create apps.
  2. You Can Reduce Costs – Solve business problems without the need for costly support, training or IT infrastructure. Software as a service (SaaS) frees up your team members to focus on meaningful contributions, not administrative tasks.
  3. Implementation Times are Lightning Fast – With a platform, most implementations take weeks – not months. A corporate legal department will spend less time waiting for an app and more time using it, meaning time to value is realized quickly.
  4. A Platform Creates Business Transparency – Business teams have real-time visibility in processes, such as sales quote approvals, NDA requests or contract negotiations.

When it comes to building apps for your business you must have the workflow, process and collaboration platform that is the best fit for the way your teams work. Equally important, balancing business needs with long-term growth has now become much easier with cutting-edge platform solutions.

Building Success, App by App

The Onit Nation, which includes customers, partners and employees who build on the Onit Apptitude Platform, have created impactful apps and solutions for legal operations. You can hear more about Apptitude successes by listening to the following webinars:

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