Embracing Legal Department Transformation with Technology: Legal Service Requests

In our new white paper, Embracing Legal Department Transformation with Technology, we investigate the new legal department landscape and how a legal service request solution (LSR) is a key player in the makeover.

Legal departments have enough “real” legal work on their plates even without taking into account all of the daily administrative tasks. Now more than ever, legal departments are slowly changing the way they work. Their objectives can come slowly or quickly, and sometimes they get it right; sometimes it’s hit-and-miss. It’s crucial that the legal department be allowed to focus more on the real legal work, without sinking deeper into the administrative quagmire. In many cases, a well-chosen and effective technology solution is the best answer. But driving and implementing change is another key element in the solution. Keeping up to date with the latest technology is always good, but to implement a technology transformation requires buy-in from leadership and IT, as well as an unwavering commitment to see the project through.

A cutting-edge legal service request solution is key in bringing about transformation relatively easily and cost-effectively. By implementing an intelligent, self-service portal to initiate LSRs, the first phase of the battle is already won. The company will also be able to leverage their new system, since information can be shared across departments and systems. Fewer staff members will need to spend time entering data for the same client and matter, which saves money. All of this will allow the legal department to spend more time focusing on the needs of business consumers – not following up on paperwork and other purely administrative and time-consuming tasks.With a well-chosen legal service request solution, the legal department can provide higher quality services, operate more efficiently, and become a driving force in fueling the company’s success.

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  • Legal service request market trends
  • Industry best practices
  • Benefits of the right solution
  • The mistakes of falling into the “consensual neglect” trap

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