Enterprise Legal Management is “Hot” Topic at Summer Tradeshows

Onit’s had a very busy summer so far. We’ve been attending conferences and tradeshows all over the country to educate corporate legal departments about the benefits of enterprise legal management. Last month we hosted a session at the CLOC Corporate Legal Institute, “Process Matters: ELM Redefined – Beyond Traditional Legal and Spend Management – Law Department Operations for the 21st Century.

Lead by Onit founder and CEO, Eric M. Elfman and David Cambria, Global Director of Operations – Law, Compliance and Government Relations, Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), the two thought leaders discussed trends in the Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) space and highlighted how “process” is redefining how legal department operation managers provide “continuous” value to their company.

Brad Blickstein, a contributor to Legaltech News attended and wrote an awesome article inspired by our session titled, “Next Generation ELM Must Be About Process, Collaboration, Automation.” Below are some of our favorite excerpts from the piece:

“Last month, I spent the better part of a week at the inaugural CLOC (Corporate Legal Operations) Institute in San Francisco. CLOC is a grassroots organization of law department operations professionals, and the Corporate Legal Operations Institute was their first effort at a conference. It was a big success, with legal operations leaders from more than 130 companies getting together for three days of networking and education.

One of the sessions I was most interested in was one of those forward-looking sessions, titled “ELM Redefined: Beyond Traditional Legal & Spend Management—Law Department Operations for the 21st Century.” The main speaker on the session was David Cambria, global director of operations, law, compliance and government relations at Archer Daniels Midland Company. David and I collaborate on the annual Law Department Operations Survey, and he’s about as knowledgeable as they come in this area…

…So what should a “next generation” ELM system look like? For starters, managing a legal enterprise in today’s environment requires a lot more than just information about matters and spend. “Of all the things we spend time on, 80 percent are not supported by the tools that supposedly provide enterprise legal management,” says Cambria. According to the 2015 Law Department Operations survey, an LDO’s time is split quite evenly (between 5 and 17 percent of their day) among seven different areas: outside counsel management, technology, law department strategy, law department administration, vendor management, financial reporting/forecasting and electronic discovery. If a system is going to call itself an “enterprise” system, it needs to help the department manage all those areas, and more.

Read the complete article here.

Thank you to everyone who attended our sessions over the past few months. Your presence and eagerness to learn more about ELM means the world to us. We appreciate your time and hope that if you’ll be able to join us again soon. If you have not had a chance to attend one of our sessions, check out our calendar of upcoming events. We’d love to see you this fall!

For more information about how ELM can help your corporate legal department, check out The Plain and Simple Facts about ELM.

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