First Impressions Last a Long Time: Is it Time to Review Your Legal Service Request Process?

Requests for legal services are sometimes thrown at the legal department as a mix of emails, texts, phone calls, and informal conversations. Trying to sort through such an assortment of “requests” would prove daunting under any circumstance. And all of this before the “real” legal work even begins. Another problem is when a person or department needs legal assistance, but doesn’t know where in the organization to go, or the best way to initiate the request. This is where problems begin for the legal department.

Something else that is frequently forgotten is the importance of forming a good, old-fashioned relationship between the legal service requestor and the legal service provider. For legal matters, the intake process is where the relationship often begins.

“Usually, the intake process will represent the first working relationship you have with your new client. Therefore, it is important that you make a very good first impression. A good first impression could mean the difference between a satisfied client and a soon-to-be disgruntled client. Creating a good first impression applies both to the style and the substance of the client intake process.”

Download this new eBook to learn how a premier, user friendly legal service request (LSR) solution can streamline and optimize this process in your department.

Our new eBook offers the following insights:

  • The problem of using outdated or inappropriate legal service request processing tools
  • Current market trends concerning legal service requests
  • Best practices of managing legal service requests
  • A logical and powerful solution that can be quickly deployed
  • A company’s success story using Onit’s intuitive, agile and user friendly legal service request App

It’s time to let the legal department do what it does best – the “real” work of handling legal matters. And they can’t do this if they’re spending endless hours on day-to-day tasks that could be handled in seconds using an intelligent, self-service portal for legal service requests.

In our new eBook, Streamlining Legal Service Requests we explore the problems and headaches associated with processing legal service requests, the importance of allowing the legal department to focus on “real” legal work, and strategies to not only fix the problem but to supercharge your legal service request process.


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