Game Changing Features of Leading Enterprise Legal Management Solutions

There have been some pretty momentous game changers in the world of enterprise legal management (ELM) solutions in recent years. I’ll take it a step further and tell you there has also been an evolutionary paradigm shift in ELM (but we’ll save that for another story).

When considering and comparing different ELM solutions, there are some basic things to look for. The solution should, at a minimum: 1) empower a better way to work, 2) offer an environment where the user experience is key, and 3) be focused on process.

Those were the basic things to look for; now come the game changers that take ELM to an entirely different level. Before you invest in a major project like an ELM solution for your business, you should also be aware of four game changing features that are instrumental in the best ELM packages:

1. Compatibility

The finest ELM solutions are designed to be able to work alongside and together with systems that are already in place, allowing legal departments to supplement both the capabilities of what they have and to ease their transition to a more modern system.

2. Minimal IT Involvement

While traditional ELM systems require constant IT maintenance and attention, modern ELM solutions are lean and nimble and tend to work in a more straightforward manner. In many cases, users can configure, deploy, and support their new solutions with no corporate IT involvement. This is because they are designed and built in an intuitive, “no code” environment that can be learned without even the need for a training session.

3. A Solution for Every Work Flow

Solutions for standard processes like contract review and approval, NDAs, alternative fee arrangements, and matter or legal spend management are configurable to your needs. For more esoteric needs particular to a business, solutions can be created from scratch with minimal delay in deployment.

4. Drive Operational Improvements Easily

Unlike the development and implementation process for a large enterprise legal management system, which can take several months or years, the average time it takes to implement the best solution is less than 30 days. While the most complex implementations can take up to 90 days, this still beats the average for ELM systems by months.

Just thinking about implementing an ELM solution can be daunting to many. Modern ELM is no longer only matter and spend management, but includes contract management, legal holds, NDAs, SOX compliance, legal service requests, etc. It takes some research and diligent investigation to find the just the right solution, but you’ll find it time well spent, and one of your best investments.

If you haven’t already, isn’t it time to make the move to a cutting edge ELM system? Your team (and your bottom line) will thank you.

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