How a Simple App Can Increase Sales Revenue

Anyone who grew up watching PBS or has kids will probably recognize the Sesame Street jingle “One of these things is not like the others.” The song preceded a visual of several things and the adults would dare the muppets to find the one that doesn’t match.

So here’s our own version of One of These Things is Not like the Other:

  1. Lawyer: I love contracts.
  2. Sourcing manager: I love contracts.
  3. Salesperson: I love contracts.

Did you spot the item that doesn’t belong? Here’s a hint: It isn’t a lawyer or sourcing manager.

Sure, contracts mean the completion of a successful sales effort and a new client. But most sales people would argue that they’d prefer to be working towards new contracts as opposed to being mired in the administration-level efforts of tracking the progress of several existing ones, coordinating with internal stakeholders and pounding the pavement for the most updated copy.

That’s where Onit comes in. With the Onit Contract Review and Approval App, sales managers can easily get a contract reviewed and approved. This means:

  1. A quicker sales cycle
  2. Automated handling of review and approval from inception to close
  3. Advanced and automated notice for contract renewals
  4. Enhanced insight into contract performance and intelligence
  5. Improved communications with clients and external parties throughout the process

Let’s see how this sales manager did it.

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