One Platform, Limitless Opportunities: How Legal Operations Pros Solve Business Process Challenges

There are more than 1.3 million lawyers in the United States. And they’re interested in learning what other lawyers are doing – especially when it comes to technology and legal operations. Whether through networking, industry organizations like CLOC or ILTA or on-the-fly discussions in (virtual) hallways, they make connections to explore legal innovation and how it can work for them.

One of the latest areas of interest is automation. According to the CLOC 2020 State of the Industry report, a high priority for most corporate legal departments is automating legal processes. As automation continues within the department, innovators are quickly realizing that they can automate beyond legal. Each day, in-house counsel and legal operations professionals work with departments across their enterprises like sales, HR, accounting, procurement and more. The automation potential is limitless and promises substantial results in streamlining processes and increasing efficiency.

With this in mind, we are thrilled to announce the release of our Onit Solutions Catalog.

The catalog represents more than 5,500 Apps and 130 solutions built on our workflow and business process automation platform Apptitude. Developed by Onit customers, partners and employees (aka the Onit Nation), the catalog reveals innovative approaches corporate legal departments have taken to automate business processes in legal operations and across departments.

As our CEO and co-founder, Eric M. Elfman, explains it: “If there’s a use case, Apptitude can automate it.”

Apps that Reach Beyond Legal

Examples of innovative Apps built on Apptitude include:

  • TREAD Report – One of the largest automotive manufacturers uses Onit to automate reporting for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Transportation Recall Enhancement, Accountability, and Documentation (TREAD) Act, reducing manual work and ensuring the company complies with the act.
  • Trade Association Approval and Management – This App, created by a Fortune 500 company, manages memberships, renewals and spend for trade associations worldwide. By adding transparency and reporting to the process, the company drives more value from association participation and greater accountability that lowers costs.
  • Fund Management – This App helps manage all of the necessary business processes, reviews and approvals for the transfer of assets between portfolio companies and generates the legal documents needed to memorialize the transactions. Now, a company can facilitate higher volumes of these complex financial transactions with the same size staff.
  • Policy Endorsement Drafting Portal – With this App, insurance underwriters can submit policy endorsement drafts for review and approval, saving time and improving response rates with self-service and automation.
  • Marketing Challenges – A leading global consumer products company uses Onit to centralize challenge requests from emails to a single location, increasing knowledge management and enabling analytics to understand the consistency and success rates of challenges.

A Worldwide Platform

More than 400 customers, including 57 Fortune 500 corporations, use Onit’s Apptitude platform. It is highly configurable and scalable and supports hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. The recent launch of its new visually oriented, drag-and-drop-friendly, workflow-building interface Process Builder dramatically simplifies the creation of workflows and business logic for all users – regardless of technical proficiency.

This latest version of Apptitude offers features such as 200+ out-of-the-box workflow actions, unlimited end-user licensing, and an intuitive interface that creates a workflow visualization before it is even finished.

Next steps

If you’re an Onit customer interested in learning more about the Onit Solution Catalog, contact your account manager or email [email protected]. For anyone else, please request access via [email protected].

To see how one corporate legal department used Apptitude, view this webinar: TIAA: Transforming Operations and Driving Innovation with a Platform Technology Strategy.

To see Apptitude in action, you can request a demo here.

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