How Roche Reduced the Risks of Incident and Compliance Investigations with Workflow Platform Technology

More companies than ever have leaned into digital transformation, recreating processes and technologies associated with essential business processes such as incident and compliance investigations. Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche perfectly exemplified this type of innovation when it adopted a workflow automation platform to streamline its investigations.

Over the course of the decade, the company shifted from paper to digital spreadsheets to manage the incident and compliance investigations process and eventually implemented a case management system. However, they found the case management technology to lack the flexibility for continued innovation. The vendor could not quickly provide updated features and lacked simple conveniences such as presenting dates in the European format.

Roche quickly pivoted, a process discussed in a recent webinar held with Swiss LegalTech Association (SLTA), Onit and Kroll titled “Managing Compliance Investigations with Workflow Platform Technology at Roche.” Speakers included:

  • Sébastien Bergier, Director Internal Investigations, Roche
  • Imran Khan, Computer Forensics Manager, Roche
  • Matt DenOuden, Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Onit
  • Roger Jarman, Director, Legal Management Consulting, Kroll
  • Christoph Kueng, President, Swiss LegalTech Association
  • Nicolas Torrent, Vice President, Communication and Marketing, Co-head Geneva Chapter, Swiss LegalTech Association

You can view the on-demand presentation here.

Tackling Compliance Investigations with Workflow Automation

For Roche, a case management solution was critical not just for their teams to run their cases effectively, but also for senior leaders to have access to insights and trends in incident and compliance investigations. In addition, they wanted a system up and running as soon as possible that would cover their basic needs without compromising the integrity of their investigations and then evolve that system over time. After all, technology develops rapidly and businesses need to evolve in line with it.

The answer to building a proper case management system was to dismantle current processes that weren’t working. Roche then rebuilt by partnering with Onit and Kroll, exploring how the company managed its investigations, how they wanted to evolve them and what analytics they wanted to put in place.

With Onit Apptitude, Roche quickly built a front-to-back solution to manage the entire lifecycle of investigations. Thanks to the team’s vision, Onit and Kroll, the company introduced a solution that reduces risk by bridging the gap between legal, compliance and other departments. According to Roche, Onit Apptitude quickly and efficiently provided a visual on how the system would look and function.

Roche’s first iteration was ready in three months and went live within six months after that.

You can listen to the entire webinar and learn more about Roche’s transformation journey here.

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