How Technology is Transforming the Legal Ecosystem

In our new white paper, Legal Operations: Transforming the Legal Ecosystem, we explore the world of legal operations and how technology is changing the landscape.

There is increasing pressure to run the legal department like a business. General counsel generally do not have the time to make this happen. This is where legal operations professionals come in — to handle the management of vendors, systems, strategic planning, technology, knowledge, financial issues and the myriad other tasks that plague the department. Legal operations is all about optimizing the legal department’s ability to grow the company. Legal operations is a multi-disciplinary function that optimizes legal services delivery to a business or government entity by focusing on twelve core competencies, as seen in the graphic below. The competencies are divided among three levels: foundational, advanced and mature. Almost every legal department function is covered, including vendor management, technology and process support, service delivery and litigation support.

CLOC's 12 Core Competencies

Driving efficiencies and containing costs are two key reasons that legal operations is important and is growing so quickly. Its impact now and in the future is almost like a tidal wave that’s hitting legal departments across the industry; but in the best of ways. Legal operations professionals are now managing outside vendors, implementing technology, overall legal spend and many other aspects of the legal department. And it’s not only in the Fortune 500 companies (as it was a few years ago); smaller companies are saddling up for the ride of their lives as well. Many believe, and rightfully so, that legal operations will be responsible for some of the biggest changes in the legal ecosystem in years to come.

Download this white paper to learn more about:

  • Market trends and the future of the industry
  • How technology is driving change
  • Onit’s strategic alignment with CLOC
  • How Onit’s platform can help legal departments gain a lasting digital transformation


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