How to Turbo Charge Your Legal and Business Processes Using Technology

In the current climate of “doing more with less,” many organizations have seen layoffs across multiple departments, leaving those still standing to shoulder more responsibility with less assistance. Organizations that are still relying on the old methods of communicating and sharing work should consider project management software, a way to collaborate across departments using technology that can turbo-charge not only the legal department but the rest of the organization.

Process management is not just legal process management. It offers complete project planning capabilities, including document management, enterprise-class security, and communication features that make it easy to keep team members inside and outside the organization updated on the status of various matters/projects. Collaboration becomes easier using technology, and as the project becomes more complex (as is common in many organizations), team members can stay abreast of developments without having to dig through emails or waste time making phone calls, only to get voice mail.

Imagine being able to manage tasks, set due dates, and schedule reminders from one interface. With the same software, team members can also update their status on a project as quickly and easily as updating their Facebook status, share documents with the team and track document versions, create and share budgets, receive regular budget estimates, and “nudge” other team members to update their status or cost estimates.

Those big projects become more manageable as information flows across the organization and to team members outside the organization. The ideal process management package allows users to log in using their regular web browser so that no extra software needs to be installed on workstations and allows for Microsoft Outlook integration, giving users the option of emailing directly to their projects. The system is easy to use so that the process management interface is actually used, instead of reverting to the old way that wastes time and creates unnecessary stress.

Users tag their projects, tasks and documents, providing other users with the ability to view exactly where they are on the project and what documents have been uploaded. The interface is so seamless that everything from a simple task request to a large contract is viewed with just a few clicks.

If that sounds like the perfect solution, it is. To keep the IT and compliance departments happy, the ideal process management solution also has enterprise-class security with SAS Type II certification. That is the most secure certification available, and it ensures that only those with authorized access can view their projects, preventing prying eyes from stealing trade secrets and protecting confidential information.

This is the new, turbo-charged organization, using technology to collaborate across departments and even with outside vendors, allowing for fast, simplified project management. Imagine that for your organization, and then make it a reality.

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