How Well Do Your Paper Surf?


We’ve all seen those offices – the offices with more paper than the Library of Congress. Folders perched on desk tops, piled high and proudly defying gravity. Stacks of paper poke out from inboxes. The trash bin is choked with cast off drafts and shelves sag under paper weight.

The people that own this office will look at you and say, “I have a system.”

They probably do. But how quickly can they track down pertinent information when its data is spread across multiple files on multiple pages in multiple locations?  Can they easily access the big picture? Can they surf the paper waves quickly enough to report on budget performance for a particular legal matter, grab the absolutely latest version of a document or ascertain the status of an important task assigned to a team member?

The right App can take all the information that exists on reams of paper and make it meaningful, insightful and accessible from your smartphone or desktop. Because if you don’t have the right tools for matter management, you may end up like … well, this woman.

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