Innovate or Die: Notes from LegalTech New York 2015

Even though the air was frigid outside, LegalTech 2015 was an excellent event filled with connections and idea-sharing in the legal technology space. Between the key themes of cybersecurity and innovation, and the many tributes to Monica Bay, retiring as editor of Law Technology News after 17 years, it was an informative and successful week in NY. This year, the conference was less about new technology and products, and more about embracing and maximizing the use of existing technology and tools. In addition to cybersecurity, the other two big buzzwords around the conference were information governance and analytics.

One of our highlights was day two’s keynote by Jeff DeGraff, innovation guru from the University of Massachusetts. This lively presentation hit upon the key theme of law firm innovation. An alternate title could have been “Innovate or Die,” to commandeer Ben Franklin’s now ubiquitous Revolutionary mantra. The pairing of “law” and “innovation” in the same sentence is an oxymoron, but it remains the most important aspect of surviving and thriving in the business of law today.  Some of our favorite quotes from DeGraff’s keynote:

“Innovation is not produced through alignment, but instead through constructive conflict.”

“Innovation requires accelerating the failure cycle…not avoiding it.”

“Learning is developmental. You’re good at something because you practice, experience and refine.”

“Innovation has a shelf life, so constant innovation is the only option.”

For a full twitter recap of Jeff DeGraff’s keynote, check out this slideshow

Here at Onit, we take constant innovation very seriously. It’s at the center of everything we do. Because businesses are constantly changing organisms, the only process management solution that works is one that is agile, adaptable over time, and responds to how people work today (not tomorrow, or yesterday). At LegalTech, we highlighted the next iteration of our suite of enterprise apps for legal. Designed to help tame the processes that bog down the legal profession, these apps are designed to help you innovate your business, one process at a time. Small changes add up to big wins, when it means that you can set your human capital loose to practice law, rather than wrestle with difficult technology. In an interview in our LegalTech Cyber Café Libby Troughton, Senior Manager, Legal Business Operations at The Home Depot, discussed a recent contract intake App deployment with Onit. The App has allowed the home improvement retailer to improve communication with clients and the speed in which contracts are completed.

Inspired by LegalTech’s rally to innovate? Onit can help. Contact us or schedule a demo of our enterprise App software.

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