Introducing the Smart Process App Market

Apps have come a long way in a very short amount of time. In 2009 when they began to gain wide-spread acceptance, they were primarily known as a new (albeit slightly chunky) way to access important information on the go – be it the weather, email or schedule. Now – a mere four years later – Apps have extended their clever (and sleek) influence beyond individual consumers and are cementing their usefulness in a corporate environment. This new breed of Smart Process Apps can play a vital role in any corporate department.

Call them part of Business 2.0. They’re leaner, more productive and less expensive than traditional software.

Business 2.0 \u002D Apps in the workplace

Nowhere is this more evident than in our newly launched Onit App Market. It features more than 20 Smart Process Apps from Onit that tackle complex processes for compliance, HR, IT, legal, procurement, real estate and sales. They simplify and streamline important components of corporate success including contract administration, employee onboarding or termination, legal holds and board kit distribution.

Over the coming weeks, we will highlight our various Apps. But in the meantime, visit the Onit App Market to learn more about Onit Apps or request a free demo. It’ll be your first step to app-ifying your processes.

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