Learn Why Clients Love Onit!

Onit’s new company video encapsulates what Onit is all about: we love our product and empowering customers with a better way to work. It also offers a snapshot of how Onit is positioned to help businesses and legal departments create better processes with smarter operations and technology. Of course, we wanted our new video to “look” and “sound” great, but we can back up every claim. The words in the video are based on solid facts and resounding customer success.

Lucky for us, Onit’s clients are not shy about telling the world about our products. Have a look at some of the things they say about us:


Anna-Lisa Corrales, General Counsel, North America Jaguar Land Rover

“What’s unique about the way Onit solutions work in the background with different data sets is that as you decide different categories of data, you can add these tabs along a horizontal line. It was just differently organized than other systems we had seen, and we really liked it, because all of the information was at our fingertips. And in today’s highly connected world, where information is spread across devices and in the cloud, that is more important than ever.” Read more in this case study.


Gary Tully, Legal Operations, Gilead Sciences

“One of the cool technologies that I think doesn’t get a lot of press is workflow technology. We see this in titles like Thinksmart and Onit. When I think about the purpose of legal operations, it’s to deliver legal services efficiently and effectively… And legal operations professionals are aligned with identifying redundant processes and recommending improvements. Workflow technology is a way to automate those processes, reduce redundancy and execute quickly.”  Read more in this Corporate Counsel article.


Lauren Giammona, Director of Operations, Business Affairs & Legal, PayPal

“PayPal is a technology company with many legal department employees familiar with technology. It needed a tool that was powerful rather than just easy to adopt – a tool that augments the people and processes in place rather than displaces them. We really focused on a system that provided more of the back-end and the analytics that we needed. … We sacrificed some of the UI, the ease-of-use, and some of our law firms liking the old system better to get to the data that we needed. The team enhanced spend management capabilities to enable the ops team to work smarter, depreciating matter management systems like spreadsheets and SharePoint lists in favor of one ELM system of record that actually allowed for creating common processes and automation.” Read more in this case study.


David Cambria, Global Director of Operations – Law, Compliance and Government Relations ADM

“The creation of the ADM Law Firm Alliance was complex, and it was achieved in no small part through the power of technology – including a major upgrade to the company’s matter-management system (by Onit), with provided sorely-needed data to help make better spend decisions.” Read more in this case study.


Dana McDonald, Senior Counsel, Under Armour

“Onit has proven a great partner both in terms of its product features and the customer service support the Onit team provides. Onit provides a very nimble product that can be quickly modified and adapted for various business needs. This is not the case with the other products we considered in this space. My experience of Onit is that they are motivated not only to sell their product at the outset but to continue to improve the product and ensure customer success in the adoption and use of the product. It’s been a great experience so far.”


Those are just a few of our client testimonials, and the theme is almost always the same. Onit provides a nimble, powerful, cutting-edge product that empowers the customer with a better way to work – because it’s designed for the way people work. Our products have reached this rare level of excellence not only because of hard work and adhering to best practice, but because over the years customers have told us exactly what they want.

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