Legal Process Management: Let Us Model a Process for Free

Do you need to reduce legal costs?

Do you need better transparency into your legal matters?

Are Microsoft Outlook and Excel your primary tools for matter tracking and reporting?

Would automating your legal processes make you more productive?

Today is your lucky day!

We want to model one of your process for FREE!! We want to show you how Onit Premium can give you the tools your corporate legal department needs to simplify project management, automate legal processes and demonstrate your legal department’s value to the rest of the organization.

How do you get started? Simply choose one of the processes below or think of a legal or business process you are struggling with internally.

    • Incident or accident report
    • Ethics violation
    • Employee termination
    • Litigation
    • Loan modification
    • Trademark
    • NDA
    • Contact negotiation

Next, email me and I’ll schedule a time to discuss the process you’d like us to model in Onit Premium. Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy anything! Within a few days, you’ll get to see what your process looks like in the application.

It’s that simple. Oh, and more thing – feel free to tell all your corporate colleagues about this special promotion. It’s only available for a limited time.

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