Legal Thought Leader Matt DenOuden Offers Insight on Enterprise Legal Management Space and Future of the Industry

We’re excited to announce our latest podcast! In this episode, Onit’s Matt DenOuden, VP of Global Sales shares his thoughts about our company and customers. After he relates his story of how he came to Onit, Matt discusses how Onit is unique and explains what it is that makes our enterprise legal solution successful and drive value. He mentions that Onit is also unique in that we were one of the first to really think about “intake” and to subsequently develop a software solution.

Matt then speaks about some of our recent successes, such as a SOX compliance solution out on the West coast, as well as solutions for employee onboarding, travel approvals and IT ticketing. He then talks about one of our biggest customer success stories: Archer Daniels Midland currently has Onit solutions up and running along with a new claims management solution that is currently being built. Matt then moves on to his thoughts on the future of legal technology by explaining that we need to have a more combined, coalesced platform to serve the legal community’s needs. Finally, he offers comfort to those who fear change and are perhaps wary of technology, “Our software is designed to enable the work that you are already doing…we try to be as non-disruptive and nonintrusive as possible. You should be in our software as seldom as possible. Our software should be following you around and helping you do your work.”

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