Life at Corporate Legal Just Got Easier with a Legal Service Request Solution

Imagine working in the legal department trying to keep up with the flood of “real” legal work. On top of that, you have legal service requests coming at you in no real organized fashion. They could be in the form of an obscure, confusing email, a phone call, an informal conversation in the break room, or an abrupt text message. In any case, you’ll likely have to follow up with these requestors just to get all the preliminary required information. And that’s just to get started. It’s frightening to think just how much time you’ve spent on this purely administrative drill, all the while taking your time from real legal work (which, of course, you’ll need to catch up on later).

Onit’s Legal Service Request (LSR) solution provides a legal department with an intelligent and user-friendly method for engaging with business partners. Oftentimes, business consumers of legal services don’t know where to go in the organization to obtain the assistance they need. By providing the business with an intelligent, self-service portal to initiate a request for the legal department, legal can reach more of the organization’s needs and provide better legal service to the business.

Client requests can be directed to the appropriate legal practitioner, even if the requester is not aware of the most appropriate recipient of the request. Clients can also self-serve to keep track of status and resolution of legal service requests. In fact, the requestor of legal services gets an automated email that allows them to track the status of their request directly from the email. The built-in feature to generate automated notifications exemplifies the very best in legal process solutions.

The chaotic world of confusing emails, garbled phone calls, and informal conversations to initiate LSRs is now gone and business process automation has ushered in a new era of cutting-edge customer service and efficiency. It’s worth reiterating that optimizing the LSR process is crucial to the legal department’s success and to the organization’s bottom line.

For organizations that already have other automated processes, that’s a good head start. Now it’s just a matter of implementing an effective LSR solution to complement their existing automated business process arsenal. For companies new to business process automation, a LSR platform is an excellent first choice since legal service requests are literally the “front line” where most legal matters begin.

Download this new eBook to learn how a premier, user friendly legal service request solution can streamline and optimize this process in your department.

Our new eBook offers the following insights:

  • The problem of using outdated or inappropriate legal service request processing tools
  • Current market trends concerning legal service requests
  • Best practices of managing legal service requests
  • A logical and powerful solution that can be quickly deployed
  • A company’s success story using Onit’s intuitive, agile and user friendly solution

It’s time to let the legal department do what it does best – the “real” work of handling legal matters. And they can’t do this if they’re spending endless hours on day-to-day tasks that could be handled in seconds via an intelligent, self-service portal for LSRs. In our new eBook, “Streamlining Legal Service Requests” we explore the problems and headaches associated with processing legal service requests, the importance of allowing the legal department to focus on “real” legal work, and strategies to not only fix the problem but to supercharge your LSR process.

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