Listen to Onit’s CEO Eric M. Elfman Discuss 2019 Milestones

It’s time again for another stimulating Onit podcast! In this episode, Onit’s CEO and founder Eric M. Elfman discusses the company’s amazing milestone achievements attained in 2019.

Eric starts by offering a birds-eye view of Onit’s stellar growth in 2019. The company’s revenue grew 75% over 2018, and recurring revenue grew a whopping 68 percent. According to Eric, the acquisition of SimpleLegal was the most exciting milestone of the year. It was our first acquisition and signifies the beginning of Onit’s plan to “integrate companies into the whole.”

Eric then speaks a bit about what he thinks of the legal operations market, explaining that Onit is poised to take advantage of two key themes. One theme is a sharp focus on process and how we can help lawyers and paralegals be more efficient. The other theme is “platform,” meaning that we need to get more features, functionality and products out of fewer vendors, so there are less failure points in integration.

Eric goes on to comment on what it is that customers can expect from Onit. “2020 will be the year of the customer,” he says, pointing out that superior implementations, delivery, support and expansion are all part of the recipe. “In fact,” he says, “we’re developing two more products that in 2021 will become the next CLM product.” Eric also mentions that his mission as a company is to deliver one brand new product in an entirely new market each year.

In closing, Eric explained what keeps him up at night. You’ll have to listen to the podcast but he did say that running a large, complex company will only continue to get bigger and more complex!

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