Listen to Onit’s Podcast About Our New Contract Lifecycle Management Solution

We’re thrilled to announce our latest podcast! In this episode, Onit’s Senior Product Manager for Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), Victor Cizinauskas offers some interesting insight into Onit CLM.

Vic begins by covering a bit of background behind the development of Onit CLM, the next evolution of Onit’s current contracts offering. He goes on to share some of the business benefits of this contract management tool, such as streamlining and automating manual processes. Manual, disconnected contract processes still plague many organizations of all sizes, and Onit CLM makes these processes much less error prone. This significantly mitigates risk in the contract process. For example, sales wants the contract done quickly, while legal wants to take time to review and make sure everything is absolutely correct. Onit CLM goes a long way in balancing these two seemingly opposing forces, driving faster revenue and managing risk appropriately.

Vic then explains how Onit CLM is unique. It is built on Onit’s proprietary software platform which allows Onit CLM to integrate seamlessly with our other products – legal holds and enterprise legal management for example. Onit CLM is also integrated with MS Word, much to the delight of lawyers and legal operations professionals worldwide.

In closing, Vic tells us why implementing contract lifecycle management technology should be a top priority for any organization. “To save time and money,” he simply explains. It’s hard to think of better reasons than those.

Listen to the podcast.


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