Microsoft License Service Providers – Staying Ahead of the Curve

You’ve survived the re-branding from being a Microsoft Large Account Reseller to becoming a Licensing Service Provider. Of course, that name change also came with changes to campaigns, promotions, and a focus on mobile products and Microsoft services. But you know that you haven’t weathered your last storm. With Steve Ballmer retiring and Microsoft’s emphasis on cloud computing, you know change is a constant in this industry.

Your ability to act quickly directly impacts your ability to stay competitive.

Often, however, the enterprise-class software you use doesn’t allow for rapid change or fast action on a time-sensitive opportunity. A new class of software is rising to address the need to be nimble with the need to manage large volumes of data.

Smart Process Apps – coined by Forrester – are light-weight, online apps that focus on providing collaborative spaces for dynamic workflow. With the ability to define approval processes, automated kick-off and next steps, and run reports for on-going work, these tools complement the repository and record-keeping functions of an enterprise system.


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