Paradigm Shifts Shouldn’t Be Ignored: The Case for Enterprise Legal Management

For quite a few years, enterprise legal management (ELM) has focused on matter management and legal spend management. It’s fair to say that effective ELM platforms were, and still are, good at what they do best – only matter and spend management. But many of these platforms were designed solely for storage and access of data; not a whole lot more than that. This is the problem and these systems need to be laid to rest.

Have a look at our new article in Corporate Counsel Magazine, An Evolutionary Paradigm Shift in Enterprise Legal Management. This article highlights the importance of using state-of-the-art ELM platforms that:

  • Empower a better way to work
  • Offer an environment where user experience is key
  • Are focused on process
  • Can be augmented to manage other legal processes

Thought leaders across the country understand there has been a distinct paradigm shift and evolutionary branching off from those older e-billing and matter management systems. More importantly, they’ve taken action to optimize their ELM processes to the extent possible.

If you haven’t already, isn’t it time to make the move to a cutting edge ELM system? Your team and bottom line will thank you.

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