Need to Boost Sales From Your Players – There’s an App for That

Every sales organization has three different types of reps:

  • ‘A’ Players who are great performers regardless of the systems and tools they use, however, because they get results, they have a ‘rock star’ mentality and thus are more difficult to manage. This is your top 10-20%.
  • ‘C’ Players who never get with the program and end up firing themselves by constantly missing quota – these are the bottom 10-20% that contribute to the natural churn every sales organization experiences.
  • ‘B’ Players who are the most important and constitute the vast majority of your sales organization, usually 60-80%. From this group you can achieve the most efficient boost in sales with the least possible amount of investment because they are extremely coachable and follow process exceptionally well.

The upshot of this ‘B’ player majority being able to follow process exceptionally well is that if you provide this team with the right tools to run a well-designed process, they will boost the revenue in the majority of your customer base.

The challenge comes in providing the tools required to manage a well-designed process. Most companies try to fit a workflow into their CRM system or SharePoint, and neither of these systems are built explicitly with the intention of building and managing workflows. Moreover, a well-designed process inherently must change with the evolving needs of your business – so even if you were able to create a workflow in your CRM or SharePoint, it is difficult or even impossible to change the process once it is in action.

As a result, most sales organizations end up ignoring process optimization all together. They stick with ‘back to basics’ programs in the hopes that if they make more calls, send more email blasts, buy more ads, or take more ‘decision makers’ out to lunch, they will get that incremental boost in sales they need for their shareholders.

Dedicated Processes Have Dedicated Tools

The ‘B’ players who you want to get that big boost from need a focused, dedicated system to work with to accomplish the tasks prescribed in your process. Imagine if it was as simple as your sales managers telling reps “there’s an app for that” – a simple interface that was designed to enable the sales reps do that one thing very well. And, if that same system could notify them at the right time and place to do that one thing, you can be sure they won’t miss their cue to shine.

Managers need visibility into the overall performance of the process in order to understand the bottlenecks and performance gaps – reporting that shows them exactly how to improve on the process so that your customers get the strategic output you believe will make the difference.

We’re Onit

Fortunately, there is a team that can help you raise the selling level of your ‘B’ players.

Using Onit Apps, you can get a handle on that middle 60% of ‘B’ players to drive the team with unprecedented insight and control in a way that they will understand and quickly adopt.

Onit’s team of consultants will guide you through every step of the way to designing and implementing a world-class workflow solution – all within a matter of days. Onit Apps are built from the ground up with change in mind, and the Onit team will help you analyze reporting from your process to continuously improve and get a dramatically bigger impact.

Request a free consultation with an Onit team member today to talk about your goals – we will build a process diagram for you and implement a demo of that process in an Onit App for you to see first-hand what our software platform can do you for you – free of charge. 

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