New & Improved Features: Document Versioning

We wanted to let you know about some recent improvements we’ve made in Onit. Our goal in making these improvements is to help you better manage your legal and business projects while improving communication and collaboration with colleagues. The list below highlights some of these enhancements:

  • We support comprehensive document versioning that includes labels and description for documents
  • Users can now use a news/RSS reader to subscribe to a personal news feed for news items
  • We updated the status field so it is no longer limited to 255 characters
  • You can select an option (in the My Account tab) to receive instant notifications on project items and status

Document Versioning

Our most significant new feature is a new document versioning function that supports versioning, document labels and descriptions. Now, you can “Edit” an existing document instead of uploading a new version and create a different display name than the document’s original file name. This is important because you can quickly access and store previous versions and see a full audit trail of the revisions.

Similarly, you can add a description which will appear in the project’s document tab. If the “Edit” button says “Edit/Prior Versions” it indicates that there are prior versions of the document, which can be viewed by clicking the button and navigating to the bottom of the screen.

Thank you for subscribing!