New Podcast: A Simple Way to Automate Business Processes

Onit is excited to introduce our latest podcast! In this episode, Jonathan Powers discusses Onit’s Apptitude solution (a business process automation platform), and how he loves empowering people who will be building solutions on the platform. Jonathan begins by succinctly illustrating how Apptitude is sort of a “blank canvas” on which clients can “paint” to solve specific problems. Expanding on this theme, he describes how clients can configure Apptitude to solve business process management problems. There are no vertical specific objects built into Apptitude; in other words, it doesn’t know what a contract is, or a legal matter, etc., but rather the client (or Onit) teaches it what those things are, and then productizes their configuration. This then becomes the starting point for future projects, such as e-billing, matter management, legal holds and contract management solutions.

Jonathan goes on to provide some good examples of solutions developed on Apptitude such as legal service requests, phased-based budgeting and matter management reports. He wraps things up by reinforcing that Apptitude is a tool for solving your problems, and why automating solutions shouldn’t be a frightening or intimidating proposition.

Onit’s Apptitude provides the foundation for solutions across your business. Apptitude has transformed some of largest global companies to become more agile, efficient and effective. In fact, Apptitude has more than 100 pre-built business process management actions available to build workflows.

Solutions are easy to create with Apptitude, and some workflows can be implemented in less than 30 minutes. Apptitude is an innovative tool that makes it easy to create, modify and deploy new processes with robust workflow, transaction management and reporting capabilities. Using Apptitude, Onit helps customers solve real business problems without the need for costly support, training or IT infrastructure.

We have more podcasts coming your way soon, and we look forward to your joining us! Here is a link to this podcast.

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