Onit Adds ELM Industry Leader to Executive Team

We are so excited to have Matt DenOuden join the Onit team as our new vice president of sales. With nearly 30 years of industry experience, Matt has been on the front lines of the Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) revolution. Matt’s expertise in legal operations technology and strategy will play a key role in Onit’s future as we help modernize corporate legal departments use of technology and automate their processes. Matt has worked with more than 50% of the Fortune 500 law departments in the last decade alone and brings great insight to what makes technology successful in carrying out company strategy. 

In a statement on LinkedIn, Matt expressed his dedication to Onit’s vision:

I am excited and proud to join the management team at Onit, Inc. where I will lead the sales effort at the fastest growing ELM company in the market. In a few short years, Onit has gathered an amazing list of thought-leading clients. For these clients, Onit often not only handles all the workflows and needs of the law department, but is so powerful and flexible as to include dozens of Apps for adjacent workflows like contract management, sales, compliance, and legal holds (to name just a few…). The philosophy of Onit is to meet the knowledge worker at the point of process and decision making with an intuitive and powerful tool providing the data to make the smart decision. The potential applications are nearly limitless across legal, claims, the contract life cycle, and even healthcare. I have been truly inspired to see the list of Onit “Enterprise Apps” grow on a monthly basis.

I believe that the Onit vision, to which I hope to contribute, will lead to much stronger adoption and value creation in the ELM space–two areas where other solutions have struggled in recent years. Dozens and dozens of clients of old ELM platform solutions have already crossed over to the Onit way and there is another large wave building. Sometimes, new clients join Onit one App (workflow) at a time. Migrating budgeting, then rate management, then legal holds, then finally full matter and spend management. Implementing an Onit App, even in a complex workflow, takes weeks not months. Once client users have had the fresh, intuitive Onit experience in one workflow, they almost always demand it in others. One client has over 80 Apps, including one to monitor the huge usage of the others. For this client, thus far, none of these Apps is directly tied to matter and spend management. (Yet…)! This only goes to show that Onit is there to serve the customer’s need today, whatever that might be.

At Onit, we will not rest until we help you find a better way to work!”

Welcome to the team, Matt! For more information about how Matt DenOuden and our team of ELM experts can help your corporate legal department, schedule a demo or call Matt directly at 860-356-5624.

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