Onit Announces Enhanced Legal Hold Solution at Legaltech New York 2018

With Legaltech New York 2018 currently underway in New York City, now is the perfect time to announce Onit’s newest legal hold solution. Designed with specifications from an industry-leading audit, consulting, tax, and advisory services firm, our enhanced legal hold solution is now more user-friendly, highly repeatable and defensible than ever before.

Our new wizard-based solution takes the user through the entire legal hold process – from hold creation, adding custodians, selection of the preservation notice, reminder schedules, and questionnaires through the highly intuitive and user-friendly Onit interface. The solution also contains a complete log of every activity taking place in the solution at every level of the process. This added level of transparency provides a complete audit trail throughout the legal hold process and allows users to track historical data for every legal hold. Every action in the system is logged on the front end of the system and independently stored; making the process even more defensible. The increased control at the front-end of the system (such as reviewing reminders, building templates, and setting notification schedules) provides an enhanced user experience.

Our enhanced legal hold solution also offers four unique ways to add custodians, again setting Onit apart from other competitors. Now, users can add custodians through bulk import, a multi-select drop down, by department or business unit and lastly by writing in custodians.

Additional new features of the Onit legal hold solution include:

  • Custom fields and pick lists that can be added to a legal hold memo
  • Custom questionnaires that can be created based on the type of legal hold
  • Helper text guiding the user through the legal hold creation process
  • A progress status bar indicating where the legal hold is in the creation process (i.e. 1% complete, 50% complete, 75% complete, etc.)
  • Preservation notices can ingest values from any number of configured data fields (ex. claimant, claim description, source locations, etc.)
  • Existing legal holds can be used as templates for the expeditious creation of future holds
  • A legal hold(s) summary report is available within the matter through a printer-friendly single click
  • Seamless integrations with existing matter management solutions, human resource information systems, single sign on and Active Directory

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