Onit Apps Reviewed in PC Magazine

Onit’s “highly tailored approach,” “near limitless scalability,” and “interesting departure from many of the other systems on the market,” are just a few of the things writer Ken Contrata had to say about Onit in a review in the July issue of PC Magazine. We’re delighted to share this review of our Contract Review and Approval App. 

With regards to pricing and options, Contrata describes our flexible pricing as helpful for companies that have a large number of potential users and/or data to store. Due to the customizable and scalable nature of Onit Apps, customers ultimately get to control the final costs depending on the extent of their needs.

There are many other contract management systems on the market. Onit’s interface and approach is different than most other systems in that our “customer-driven approach of the apps creation and modification is evident from the onset.” Our dashboard interface gets high marks for our activity tracking, colorful display, and that it can be used without specialized knowledge.

As for getting set up with Onit Apps, Contrata highlighted the fact that our Apps are a “mostly no-code solution to app building.” Moreover, for clients that need more customization, Onit can help you custom-build your App to fit your specific business needs. The specific functions, Contrata highlights on our Contract Review and Approval App, include:

  • Workflow
  • Users & Dependencies
  • Data Collection
  • Communication within the App
  • File Management
  • Approval

One of the strongest features, Contrata points out, is “The app-like mentality gives users limited options over what actions can be performed, which keeps users on track without being overburdened by options.” Onit Apps are intuitive and require little or no training to use.

Unlike many contract management systems on the market, Onit can integrate with many other services in addition to e-signature services. “The nice thing about the Onit system is that the sky is the limit regarding what the apps can do, says Contrata, “Whatever the customer wants can likely be built, either by the customer or by Onit. Onit merely provides the foundation on which to automate the specific needs of the particular client.”

In the end, Contrata says that although Onit’s out-of-the-box functionality is similar to other contract management systems on the market, our App approach makes for a system created from the beginning with the client’s needs at the forefront. “This provides a top-down level of customization that can be achieved without custom programming.”

Read PC Magazine’s full review here.

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